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Chavez Calls for a Fifth International

Venezuelan President has called for a "Fifth" Socialist International. What is the nature of this project and what is its potential?

by Gerry Foley  / January 2010

 Published in the Socialist Action Newspaper



At ...

Death Squads Unleashed in Honduras

The US backed military government in Honduras has unleashed death squads against the popular movement for democracy.

by Clay Wadena  / January 2010

from the Socialist Action Newspaper   



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US Hands Off Honduras!

Statement against the military coup in Honduras produced by Philadelphia Socialist Action

U.S. Hands Off Honduras!For the Immediate and Unconditional Return of President Manuel Zelaya!Support the General Strike of the Workers and Farmers!Down With the Coup Makers!Self-Determination for Honduras! ¡ Solidaridad internacional con la lucha del pueblo hondureño!

¡Fuera el golpe militar ...

Iraq War intensifies as U.S.-Maliki government declares “victory“

US and Maliki government declare "victory" but there are still US troops and daily violence in Iraq. The Iraq occupation is not over; it's just entered a new phase. Iraq War intensifies as U.S.-Maliki government declares “victory“All out July 10-12 for national antiwar conference in Pittsburgh!By JEFF MACKLER(The following article appears in the July 2009 issue of Socialist ...

Support the General Strike in Honduras! Down with the Micheletti Government! No Negotiations with the Coup-Makers!

Socialist Action article on the coup in Honduras. "The explosive situation in Honduras brings sharply into focus once more the crisis of leadership at this phase of the international workers movement. No eccentric bourgeois politician has the political wherewithal to lead the masses in a determined struggle against the class that is responsible for the depredation of the land, the exploitation of the workers, and the impoverishment of the broad masses."

By JAMES FRICKEY and CLAY WADENAThe following article will appear in the July issue of Socialist Action newspaper. The article reflects the views of the Political Committee of Socialist Action.

http://phillyworkersvoice.blogspot.com/2009/07/support-general-strike-in-honduras-down.htmlOn ...