Two apparently-related pieces on prisons and labor

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About the time the Inky puts out a piece on a policy that puts more people into jail, Common Dreams comments on how such extra prisoners might be getting used.

The Inky publishes a piece by Leonard Pitts on how President Obama continues with the failed "War on Drugs."

Enlightening, but depressingl statistic from Pitts:

1.3 percent: That’s the share of Americans who were drug-addicted in 1914.

1.3 percent: That’s the share of Americans who are drug-addicted now.

Common Dreams looks at how Georgia is dealing with its lack of migrant labor that usually fills the fields at harvest time. Now, thanks to a harsh new anti-immigrant law, there's not much labor available for farm work anymore.

Gee, I wonder what's fueling the rise in the prison inmate population?


And a third piece

completes the circle. Debtor's prisons are now back!