Tariq Ali to Speak at Socialism 2010: Ideas for Changing the World

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June 17-20, hundreds of activists from across the nation will converge in Chicago to discuss the recent Israeli attacks of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, among dozens of other topics.

Socialism 2010:
Ideas for Changing the World
Chicago, June 17–20
Oakland, CA, July 1–4

When Will Israel Be Charged With War Crimes?

Since Israel’s recent attacks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla thousands of people have taken to the streets demanding a stop to the occupation. Israel’s drastic actions show there is no time to wait—that we must do all we can to stop the horrid killing of innocent civilians.

June 17-20, join hundreds of activists from across the nation for a weekend of discussion and debate, as we delve into the issues of Israel/Palestine to better understand the history and myths of the occupation, and try to figure out what we can do to stop it.

Speakers will include:
Pakistani-British author and activist Tariq Ali on Obama at War and the U.S. connection to
Israel’s terror, and
Lebanese author and activist, Gilbert Achcar on Arab Views of the Holocaust.

Other relevant discussions and debates:
How Can Palestinian Liberation Be Achieved?,
The Roots of Zionism,
Israel: A Colonial-Settler State,

There are dozens more topics and talks, check them out online!
For more information, email info@socialismconference.org, or call 773-583-7884
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