Casino Free Philadelphia Strikes Again: Operation Hidden Costs

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Gambling addiction, increased crime in the city, strain on small businesses and loss of jobs are just a few of the hidden costs of casinos that Casino-Free Philadelphia wants exposed to public with our campaign, Operation Hidden Costs. Join Casino-Free Philadelphia Meet-and-Greet, as part of the newly launched Operation Hidden Costs.

Tuesday, March 11th

6:30 PM, Panel begins at 7:00 PM

Casino-Free Headquarters, 230 N. 2nd Street


This “meet and greet” puts a face and a story to some of these hidden costs. Our panelists, who include Jim Paylor, Vice President of the International Longshoremen’s Association, will talk about how various sectors of the public could be impacted by casinos in Philadelphia. We invite you to join us for this opportunity to discuss the real impacts casinos could have on our communities, friends and neighbors. There will be time before and after the even to meet and ask questions of our presenters, refreshments will be served. For more information about this event please contact Nico Amador at nico@casinofreephila.org or call 215-500-6030.