Florida Youth Assault Against Drugs

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In another focused assault upon the scourge of drugs in our Tampa Bay communities, the local chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, an international educational organization established to empower individuals with factual information about drugs, mobilized their volunteers to hand out more than 6,000 booklets this past weekend.

These ten different drug education booklets delineate, in detailed but understandable term, the effects of all common illegal street drugs, as well as many prescription drugs when abused. 


Each booklet covers one specific drug, such as heroin, cocaine, painkillers, marijuana and even alcohol.  Each is written in a simple and straightforward manner that leads the reader to make a rational decision not to use or abuse drugs based on facts and not just an emotional pitch.


The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a world leader in drug education.  In addition to hosting regular drug awareness events in countries across the globe, the Foundation sponsors public service announcements on television and other public venues that feature young people speaking about the dangers of drugs in the language of their peers. 


More than 56 million copies of the drug education booklets have been distributed all told and this weekend’s local push was part of a synchronized international effort to hand out 500,000 more. 


L. Ron Hubbard, whose developments in the field of drug rehabilitation are used by the effective “Narconon” program, once said that, “The acceleration of widespread use of drugs has contributed heavily to a debilitated society.  The drug scene is planet-wide.  It is swimming in blood and human misery.”


Rallied by this call the Foundation volunteers are determined to counter the pro-drugs message so prevalent in many social fields and entertainment media.  If you would like more information please visit www.drugfreeworld.org.


NarCONon is Scientology!

The Narconon® organization has been exposed to be a ® "Church" of Scientology front which is in no way connected with the real drug addiction treatment program called Narcotics Anonymous.

The Scientology business does not inform people that its Narconon operation is Scientology because they're aware of the likelyhood that no one would sign up for their dubious treatments were they aware of the fact that Narconon is a front group created by a notorious business cult with a long, well known criminal history, using unscientific, dangerous, and ineffective drug treatment proceedures concocted by a pulp science fiction writer.

Anyone contemplating taking the Scientology organization's unscientific and risky "Purification Rundown" proceedure, or participating in any of the cult's other dangerous quack medicial proceedures needs to know the history of the Narconon front group, what courts have ruled about it, what newspapers have discovered and reported, and what the lack of scientific merits for the cult's proceedures mean to individuals who are trying to quit their addictions.