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Philippines: A war on semantics had been waged by the front organizations of the CPP-NPA-NDF regarding Children Involved in Armed Conflicts. They are contented with just twisting the truth and to play with words. For the truth of the matter, the issue is all about children recruited by the Communist front organizations and the New People’s Army and used as frontliners and in any other capacity, armed or unarmed.

These children had been the unwitting pawns in the communist revolution that the CPP-NPA-NDF had been waging for more than forty years now. Purposely this war on semantics is being done to mislead the public from the real issues at hand and to stage an emotional drama in time for the arrival and visit to the country of the United Nations Secretary General Special Representative for Children and Armed conflict.


Technological developments, nay, social progress must lead to increased democratization and not to more curtailment of freedoms. The advent of the Internet and related technologies has opened a wide and free access to democratic space wherein ordinary citizens, including the oppressed workers and, in general, the laboring and propertyless masses, could participate in studying and gathering information and discussing social and political issues.

The Internet has evolved into such a powerful democratic tool that upheavals in other parts of the world were aided by the use of this cheap technology to organize netizens and gather them for collective action against oppressive governments. Such was the case in the Middle East and North Africa which saw the downfall of despotic regimes, in Europe where thousands upon thousands took to the streets against the austerity measures and in the United States where the Occupy Wall St. movement was launched against the world’s richest capitalists, or the global 1%. The graffiti “Thank you Facebook” painted on several of Tunisia’s walls during the Arab Spring sums up this modern phenomenon.


Youth Delegates from 30 countries joined officials, human rights representatives, human rights NGOs, leaders and civil society at the 9th Annual Youth for Human Rights International Human Rights Summit on September 7th to 9th, 2012.

Millions suffer devastating human rights abuses. The United Nations estimated $7 billion dollars is generated by human trafficking annually, with 700,000 to 4 million women and children sold into forced prostitution, labor and other forms of exploitation each year, Human Rights Education has never been more urgent. 


Aside from coming out with its program of action for the protection of children, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines announced that it will establish a Special Office for the Protection of Children to strengthen its mechanisms on monitoring and defending the rights of Filipino children.

Manila - The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) recently re-affirmed its commitment to defend the rights of Filipino children with a new program of action, while at the same time issuing a sharp criticism against what it said as the “bias” of international organizations and conventions that actually serve to endanger the members of the very sector they say they want to protect. It launched a book titled “NDFP Declaration and Program of Action for the Rights, Protection of Children,” at the office of the NDFP-Joint Secretariat of the Joint Monitoring Committee (JS-JMC) in Cubao.


Human rights advocates agree that 60 years after its issue, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is still more a dream than reality.

Human rights violations occur daily in all parts of the world.  Amnesty International's World Report 2012 documents restrictions on free speech in at least 91 and the torture and ill-treatment of people in at least 101 countries – in many cases for taking part in demonstrations.


Every person is entitled to certain rights – simply by the fact that they are a human being. They are "rights" because they are essential to the freedom to be, to do or to own. These rights exist to protect one from people who want to harm or hurt. When respected, they also help us get along with each other and live in peace.

 Many people know something about rights. They know they have a right to be paid for the work they do and they have a right to vote. But there are many other basic human rights.
When human rights are not well known, abuses such as discrimination, intolerance, injustice, oppression and slavery can arise.


The Foundation for a Drug-Free World (Florida Chapter) joined the Greenwood Back to School event in Clearwater and the Hillsborough Back to School event in Tampa to help instill an awareness of the dangers of illicit drugs amongst our youth.

 Those who stopped by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World booth experienced the high interest that their message evokes. In total, over 450 Drug-Free Marshals were signed up, and more than 600 Truth About Drugs booklets were distributed to parents and youth.
The Drug Free Marshals is a youth drug-education and prevention program that informs children about the dangers of drugs, and challenges them to remain drug-free. They demonstrate their commitment by being “sworn in” as Drug-Free Marshals, pledging to remain drug free and to encourage their peers to do the same.


Every week the Tampa Bay chapter of Foundation for a Drug-Free World gets the truth about the harmful effects of drug abuse out to hundreds of people in the Tampa Bay area.

Volunteers from the chapter have partnered with 100 local shop owners in the area to distribute informative booklets about drugs of abuse, which include individual booklets on marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and other drugs, including prescription pain drugs, which kill 7 people every day on average in the State of Florida.


Youth ranging in ages 8-14 gathered at the new Church of Scientology Tampa in Ybor City to learn about Tampa history, and discuss human rights, as the new church opens its doors for community groups to have meetings.

Over 2000 Church members celebrated its grand opening on the birthday of Scientology Founder, L. Ron Hubbard – March 13, 2011. 


My grandfather walked with a very long stick adorned with many allegories. Tata Noah told me long ago that it represented our true nation, which was all unknown, because many of those living in the village had given in to the viciousness of the white people and did not follow the customs of our fathers. That hurt my Tata, so when I arrived, he ever and ever told me many things and stories of our nation...

Tata Noah chief of Indigenous communities

He was not very tall, but he was considered more Indigenous that other people from our country. His skin was almost white, like a Creole’s, and his eyes were the color of the sky. Some of his children took the same eye color. He was my Tata Noah, the grandfather of my father, chief of Indigenous communities of Mollepata and Mollebamba. He was always working, whether in the fields that the villagers had dedicated to him, or at home using our machine to make ice cream with fruit. It was what I liked best as a child; the frozen fruit was so diverse and delicious. I always remember my grandfather Noah in the largest room of the house, with his ice cream maker.

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