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Federal Protective Service

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WASHINGTON— The Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Wednesday agreed by unanimous voice vote to report out legislation to strengthen the security of visitors and employees at 9,000 federal buildings across the United States.




What is needed to improve FPS security is better training, management, oversight and administration, including additional resources to hire more inspectors and contracting officer’s technical representatives.



Federalizing Contract Guards Will Not Improve Security at Federal Buildings.


Finally, and here is the crux of the DEM bill, if the GAO comes back with a “satisfactory” performance grade for the federal guards in the pilot FPS then FPS is commanded to federalize all contract guards at all Level III and Level IV facilities.



Federalization of Contract Guards : Federal Protective Service FPS Improvement and Accountability Act of 2010


Guy James, president of the Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA, said the Federalizing of Contract Guards is not the answer to the problem. What the House Homeland Security Committee should be looking at is the lack of funding which results in substandard training standards and understaffing. We must find ways to find the funding, increase mandatory training requirements and increase staffing. Until these issues are addressed the Federalizing of Contract Guards will only complicate matters.

Saturday, September 18, 2010