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Bringing the Truth About Drugs to Tampa Bay

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April 2012- Volunteers from the Foundation for a Drug Free World, a worldwide non-profit organization engaged in educating the public about the dangers of drugs, brought the Truth About Drugs message to Tampa Bay this past weekend.

The Foundation’s Florida chapter joined forces in an international effort by all chapters around the world to create an impact in their community through education about the harmful effects of drugs. The Florida group distributed over 6000 copies of its “Truth About Drugs” information booklet in the Tampa Bay area over the weekend.

“The most effective weapon in the war on drugs, even today’s scourge of prescription drug abuse, is education,” said Julietta Santagostino, Director of the Florida chapter of Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

Santagostino who grew up in Juarez, Mexico before it was taken over by drug cartels and became the so-called “murder capital of the world,” understands how drugs can destroy lives and society.

Closer to home, in the Tampa Bay area, there were 681 deaths from prescription drug overdose in 2009, double the number of deaths in 2005. The explosion of prescription drug abuse in Florida is killing 7 people a day, destroying families that have loved ones who fall into the deadly addiction.

Although a recent DEA report indicates a decline in Florida oxycodone prescriptions in 2011, likely due to stepped law enforcement efforts and new laws, it remains the case that all around Tampa Bay and Florida, there are a large number of businesses billing themselves as pain-management clinics which are really nothing more than a sophisticated distribution system for those addicted to narcotic pain medication such as Oxycontin, Percocet, and Vicodin.
“Youth need to know that drugs don’t only harm them personally, their body and mind, but also those around them and especially the ones they love,” said Santagostino.

The Foundation for a Drug Free World is actively involved in education programs in schools and in the community. The program is mainly addressed to youth. For information about drugs, the program, or free drug education materials go to www.drugfreeworld.org.

And for the person with a drug problem, there are real solutions to addiction. Narconon, a drug rehabilitation program that utilizes the methods of L. Ron Hubbard, has a success rate of more than 75% (www.narconon.org).

The best solution, however, is not to begin using drugs in the first place.


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