Africa's Future in Africa's Hands!

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Reparations in Action!
Sunday, 13:00 to 14:00 (2012-01-29)
Host: Penny Hess
This Week: Africa's Future in Africa's Hands!


African People's Solidarity Committee organizer Harris Daniels speaks with All-African People's Development & Empowerment Project Tour Coordinator Camilla Hippolyte to discuss the Spring 2012 Africa's Future in African Hands Tour, an international tour of Nurse-Midwife Mary Koroma, who is leading AAPDEP's Infant and Maternal Health Project in Sierra Leone, establishing a birthing clinic to address the colonial contradictions of infant and maternal mortality with African community-led solutions. Hippolyte will explain how on the tour, Nurse Midwife Mary Koroma will share her wealth of experiences as a midwife and community organizer along with her powerful personal testimony and vision for the sustainable development of Africa through African self-reliance and self-determination.