Wilkileaks not heroic

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As time goes on more and more are praising Julian Assange or condemning him as almost the incarnation of evil.


It’s not right vs left politics. Publicity hounds, such as Rush Limbaugh and Julian Assange, try to make as much noise as they can, equating publicity with success, and can create a lot of problems. It’s sad that Daniel Ellsberg is discrediting himself. Compared to Ellsburg’s attempts to end the Vietnam War, Wikileaks is diplomatic gossip.

I liked Robert Gates cooling comments. I like the fact that important progressives like Salon and Talking Points have been unwrapping the left from Assange,

I tremble at the way some are equating a noise gossip machine with suicide attacks. Perhaps he could have apologized for his overly aggressive dating behavior and patched things up but that wouldn’t have baited his former friend into pressing charges, which increases the publicity he relishes in.

There is a rule, “stop when you're ahead”, but I guess I can’t resist going on. The strong comments by Salon and Talking points bring to mind the less pointed comments by some progressives against 9/11 Twin Tower implosion myths and the claim al Qaeda is hype. The implosion accusations probably were sent by provocateurs to deflect honest criticism such as demanding of Dick Cheney that he explain why he hid the fact that he had been in a fall out shelter drill the morning of 9/11,

If you google “France declares war on al Qaeda” one can note that terror like bedbugs don’t go away, but many have become ill when they did such things as sprinkling poison powder around their bedroom. We don’t have to destroy ourselves with poison or with bankrupting anti-terror wars.

How do you fight terror,
Cleric Feisal Abdul Rauf who is trying to build a community center with a mosque in downtown NY is a Sufi Muslim. Sufi holy sites were suicide-bombed during prayers in Pakistan causing mass slaughter in part because Sufis believe that Islam has more to do with love than power. Sufis usually think it hateful to condemn, but Rauf condemned al Qaeda as a death-cult preaching against it ever since 9/11. Unfortunately the message condemning him tells other Muslims that Americans don’t appreciate them trying to stop al Qaeda.

Perhaps Salon and Talking Point standing up to the politically correct notion that gossip spreaders like Julian Assange are freedom fighters will get others to stand up to other politically correct nonsense as well.

By RichardKane


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