Video and Photos of Mumia Solidarity Demo in Berlin

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There are several German Indymedia reports from the Dec. 13, 2008 Mumia solidarity demonstration in Berlin Germany (1, 2, 3), including this most recent one, written in english: Fight for Mumia Abu-Jamal at Brandenburg Gate

Click here to view photos 1, 2
or watch a video, which features a solidarity message spoken in English given in front of the US Embassy.

Link: offenen Brief engl

(Video footage at the US Embassy in Berlin)

I just recieved this message from the Berlin Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal:

Dear Journalists for Mumia,

yesterday our demonstration to FREE MUMIA ABU-JAMAL took place in Berlin, Germany. In the beginning only 250 people turned out, but near the end infront of the Berlin US-embassy we were almost 400.

The atmosphere was very good from the start. Infront of the embassy people were very loud with slogans such as "FREE MUMIA - FREE MUMIA - FREE MUMIA -  NOW" "Brick by brick..." or the german one "Freiheit für Mumia Abu-Jamal - Weg mit der Todesstrafe überall" (which translates "freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal - abolish the death penalty everywhere").
An open letter to the US-Embassador was read out in German and English (watch video above).

There are various articles in german independent media.

From Bern, Switzerland we only found a police report, so far. It seems that several 100 protesters had some fun confusing police while demonstrating for Mumia in front of the US-consulate in Bern and afterwards made an unnounced spontanious march towards the Greek Consulate to protest the Dec. 6th shooting of the 15 year old Alexis by the greek police.

with best greetings,

Berlin Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
im HdD
10405 Berlin
free.mumia (ät) gmx.net

Photos by Björn Kietzmann



free-mumia-6 by Björn Kietzmann.

free-mumia-38 by Björn Kietzmann.

free-mumia-22 by Björn Kietzmann.

free-mumia-32 by Björn Kietzmann.

free-mumia-33 by Björn Kietzmann.



A group of misguided fools, fooled by fools. Just think if they knew the REAL facts and the truth. Mumia Abu Jamal, a convicted PROVEN and AFFIRMED murderer of another human being. Mr. Bennett, did you tell the Berlin group your Phila Demo was a proven flop? Me thinks not

jon pisano

jon, your absurd rants...

make us look very good. keep it up.


Hans, when I post regarding the TRUE facts and proven EVIDENCE...how is that a rant?. I viewed your stand-up comicial performance in the video at 13th and Locust and I lost count as to how many times you said "Ya Know"...now THAT was a rant.


jon pisano

FREE MUMIA! Impeach Bush! Kick out the FOP racists!

Dear Jon Pisano,

what facts are you talking about?
The website you recommended is nothing but a FOP scam to misguide the public. Not very well done but similar to the then Philadelphia DA McGill, who used forced testimony from peolpe who were pressurized by the Police, as well as a fabricated confession, "lost" forensic evidence to even link Mumia to the shooting...
Shall I go on mentioning the racist and "hanging judge" A. Sabo? You know him of course, he was a FOP member.

What about Veronica Jones, once a key witness for the prosecution? She clearly described how she was framed into a 15 year prison sentence by detectives. Then the Philadelphian Police offered her a deal: name Mumia as the shooter and get off the hook. She testified in PCRA hearings, strangely enough conducted by the very same judge Sabo in the 1990ies. She also said, that the other (now missing) key witness Cythia White was offered the same deal.

Do you get the drift?

There are no facts in Mumias original trial, just fiction.
Millions of people all over the USA and the rest of the planet know about this.

If you and others are so sure about Mumia's guilt, why are you so afraid of a new trial?

Don't mention money or taxpayers efforts. It would have been much cheaper to have a nwe trial than this bogus justice we have seen delivered over the years.

Just on monday this week in Texas (!) the S.C. gave a new trial to someone on death row, because there was racial bias in the initial jury selection.

Although the same is proven to have happenened in Mumia's case for at least 10 times, no court so far felt to adress this issue.

Please think for yourself before repeating lies by the FOP and other extensions of the clan.

Yours truly,

Anton Mestin


I will try to address your misinformation one by one...mater of fact..I can answer all of your misdirected information by saying it is FALSE. The danielFaulkner.com site IS NOT an FOP site...NO testimony was "forced" as you say and Mumia DID in FACT receive a fair trial. You forget that this case has been reviewed by over 12 Judges and FEDERAL Justices and NONE have found ANY wrong doing...NONE. Mumia is a convicted murderer and his guilt has been AFFIRMED after review by so many Judges learned in the LAW and FACTS and it's people like YOU and other misguided people who cling to a convicted murderer of another human being.Read the book, Murdered by Mumia and enlighten yourself to the facts and TRUTH

jon pisano

No judge has ever really

No judge has ever really looked at the content of Mumia's trial except maybe for federal Judge Yohn in 2000.
He then stopped the death penalty, well knowing, that this case is fishy.
What do you make of the 3rd Circuit Court this year? They, too declared the death penalty not to be an option. Are you blind?

As far as I can see no judge ever dared to look at the content of the 1982 trial. They all just poked around the possible breaches of constitutional rights rather than to adress the important issues. Just as our "juridicial system" advises them to.

The three key prosecution witness were all forced to their testimonies. Like Cynthia White, a prostitue working for a collegue of crime scene police officer Giourdano. She had to alter her testimony at the police office four times until she was seen fit for trial (look at the court files!).

Or her collegue Veronica Jones, a working girl herself. She came clear in 1996 that she was offered a deal by Philaldephias's cops to accuse Mumia Abu-Jamal as the shooter. In her initial interview she mentioned more people on the scene and the murderer of officer Faulkner fleeing the scene before police arrived. But she was on a 15 year jail sentence and had two little kids. For her part in Mumia's trial she got off the 15 years and all other charges that time.
In her court appearance 1996 she made clear, that the same deal was done with her friend Cynthia White.

The taxi-driver: Not was he only on probation for fire bombing a school, he had no valid driving license on the night in Dec. 9, 1981.
He was checked by police earlier. That is all reported in various publications. Can't you see these people had some pretty tough times then?
And how easy it was to get them to testify?

Why wasn't Pedro P. Polakoff asked to testify then? The DA knew of of his fotographs. Sure, they didn't fit the
intended picture.

I've looked at a few recent Mumia articles.

Jon Pisano, you have no information to give but you post your claims of "justice served" wherever committed journalists like Hans Bennett publish.

I'm sorry, but you can't be serious.

They all just poked around

They all just poked around the possible breaches of constitutional rights rather than to adress the important issues. Just as our "juridicial system" advises them to.