Time for Peace People to acknowledge a hurt it hid from accepting. Maybe peace is actually near

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Circumstance has changed things.

Much of the hard US Right is pro-peace. Russia is now more pro-peace than the US. Much of the formerly independence seeking Kurds in Iraq now dutifully try to patch up differences between Iraqi Shiites and Sunnis to prevent Turkey from seizing and independent Kurdistan.

One thing that tends to be the same is that many who long for peace still do so. However is the road for peace for the peace movement to continue being reluctant to criticize al Qaeda? A major source of the new anti war interest with ordinary Americans is the claim the US is siding with al Qaeda in Syria. Al Qaeda is systematically attacking Kurds in Syria who try to claim they are neutral not pro Assad like al Qaeda claims they are.
The claim despite most evidence to the contrary that al Qaeda secretly released the chemical warfare agents is based on the precedent of the assassination of Prime Minister Haki of Lebanon which created a tit or tat blood bath that was eventually traced to al Qaeda,
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One persistent goal of bin Laden was to bankrupt the west, the secret plans to bomb train tracks in the US that the US recovered after killing bin Laden, no one seemed to note would cause maximum economic damaged with minimum possibility of leading to a US draft a cheaper way to fight then the volunteer US army.
I would like to change the subject to what I see is a great repressed hurt among Quakers Mennonites and pacifist leaning Americans in general the assassination of Quaker pacifist Tom Fox in who went to Iraq to declare peace but held as a hostage and assassinated instead,
Throughout history except for the past Western struggle with al Qaeda, people killed in pursuit of peace were revered heroes among other peace seekers which in no way distracts from Nelson Mendela who succeed at creating a little peace and died of old age instead of as a martyr.
Mahatma Gandhi’s marters death is a highlight of the peace movement. Another successful period of peace activists was 17th century Pennsylvania where back then Mennonite and Quaker activists kept the peace with the Lanape Indians by raising money to pay them for the land that other European settlers were stealing from them. Mennonites revere the martyrs who were killed along the way,
The road to peace is tricky and we of all political persuasions pretend to know far more than we do. For instance Hitler's infatuation with Methamphetamine as a super drug created by superior Nazi scientists has a much to due with the Holocaust as Hitler’s Mein Kampf fascination with the state deciding who should have children and his blame of Jews who Hitler felt should be top superiors instead siding with the weak. Also massive lead poisoning clearly destroyed ancient Rome not decadence,
One factor change that hasn't been dealt with publicly is in the past military training meant drilling a lot of anger.Today military training consists of playing video games and shooting more accurately without a lot of emotion getting in the way. Al Qaeda also loves US video games many calling themselves Call of Duty addicts. Meaning a lot less hate in this world whether or not less hate ever gets translated into less killings.
The world I suspect is closer to world peace then any time since right after World War I and World War II, but alas even though I and some other thinkers know this, none of us, as far as I can tell, has a coherent plan to achieve this even though quite a few of us humans know it is a more likely than most years a distinctly achievable or conceivable possibility.
Perhaps war will suddenly seem to make less sense then ever without planning any peace map.
However, if many more of us try to think outside the box especially since past boxes like socialists for less military spending peace and conservatives for ever increased preparation for war fit less well then ever, we might brainstorm some kind of map in the direction toward a real peace in this world.


Well...sort of

Much of the hard US Right is pro-peace.

Yeah, well, kinda, sorta, in a way. The right wing is certainly anti-Obama, but as we can see by their statements on Benghazi, their views on bombing brown people in general haven't really changed much.

"I find it very hypocritical that at this moment in time the American people are being told that they have a moral obligation to go into Syria because of the chemical gas attacks, yet I never heard the same type of indignation coming from the president, nor this administration, when our national security interests were attacked" in Benghazi, [Allen West—the former congressman and one-term tea party hero] added toward the end of his address. "If there was a time to commit the United States forces to do something, that would've been the time. I guarantee you, you would've had old retirees like me saying, 'I'll suit up, I'll go.'"