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Even Europeans are finally starting to see the truth...its about time

ALMOST 30 years after Mumia Abu-Jamal murdered her husband, Maureen Faulkner has won the battle for justice on the domestic front. Now she's poised to triumph in the European theater as well.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court declined to hear Abu-Jamal's appeal for a new trial. The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia has upheld his conviction for the murder of Officer Danny Faulkner. In other words, Abu-Jamal will never get out of jail.


A letter in the Metro on April 14, on page 14, was quit different from the usual pro Mumia piece.



It's April 14 pg 14, by Paolo Giampietro, in response to “Week that, ”there have been over 13 death penalty inmates exonerated . . . -makes Mumia’s possible innocence seem like an outlandish improbability.”

Anyway Paolo’s assertion that it is ridiculous to assume he must be guilty, is more persuasive than claiming he must be innocent to the casual Internet user. Not in his letter: Repeated prosecutor misconduct was so gross in the Ted Steven’s conviction that the new Attorney General called a "grand jury" to look into,







Philly’s Tarnished Image Brings Casinos to Downtown - We Cleaned Up Our Image So We Can Have a Sober Tourist Trade Instead..

Gambling has a net cost not a revenue gain for a society.


Troy Davis is spared for at least almost another month. Several very short stays in his execution date invigorated especially his local supporters.

All of Georgia keenly aware of the difference between old Georgia and new Georgia.


"As the United States activated Navy ships and the Air Force to begin an airlift of non-specified goods into the former Soviet state of Georgia, and military exercises began in the Persian Gulf near Iran, I received communications from certain individuals among the Colorado Greens who were organizing campaign support events there, suggesting that I not participate in an anti-war program being organized by other individuals in Colorado." -Cynthia McKinney

DNC Protest, Split, and the Principled Stand of Cynthia McKinney


Leaders who are oppessive have code words "Get the Durg Dealers off the Street" "Make the Streets safe" etc, Obama displays none of this.

This is what you wrote,

Obama from a broken family, went on to Harvard, and I hope will go further. Mumia’s father died when he was young and his desperately poor mother had to raise the family.


There is debate whether Philadelphians are too afraid of the police to protest about Mumia, like in NY or whether we are rednecks who want to see someone punished who wouldn't even face life imprisonment much less death in punishment hungry Saudi Arabia.

But as usual we Americans tend to mess things up by avoiding the subject of race. Strike up a casual conversation then mention Mumia. Avoidance rather than anger or fear will be the most likely response.

Our Silence Screams out Lies
Neither fear of the police or anger


I am excited to announce today’s release of the Journalists for Mumia newspaper, “Abu-Jamal News,” published as a special emergency edition. View the PDF here.

We urgently need funds to pay for these newspapers!

I am excited to announce today’s release of the Journalists for Mumia newspaper, “Abu-Jamal News,” published as a special emerge


Is this an April fool's joke? The last two days have featured solid articles about Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Yesterday, featured an article by Emilie Lounsberry covering the press conference on Monday at the federal courthouse, titled

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