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Bucks County

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There is strong evidence to suggest that a staged attack / “9/11-type terrorist attack” could occur during the Detroit “Super Bowl” on Sunday.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth sent out email news on this subject, “POSSIBLE DETROIT SUPER BOWL TERRORIST ATTACK?,” January 30, 2006

This press release available at


On 1/31 join mass demonstrations nationwide to demand that BUSH STEP DOWN!!! Unite to make your voice heard that we DO NOT support the Bush criminal agenda and we are demanding and mobilizing to DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME!!!!

The World Can't Wait!


Today is the day! Join the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and tens of thousands of allies throughout the U.S. in an overwhelming grassroots response to the PATRIOT Act and other governmental excesses.


Lynn Swann visited Pottsville Thursday afternoon and spoke briefly with reporters. He was heavy on criticism of Ed Rendell but lacked any real substantive plans for his budding campaign.
Plus, a PFP Radio link with Swann quotes.


The hidden threat to planetary life from the US use of depleted uranium weapons in 4 wars.


A blog entry from PottsvilleFreePress.net on the proposed coal gasification plant in Gilberton, Pa. (Schuylkill County). A series of public hearings were more like poorly produced student plays, all with eventual circumstances. So, we ask, why waste the public's time, when its input does not impact you?


Throughout Black History Month, while paying homage to Black History…every single day…there will be those African Americans calling one another "niggas".

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