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Before Fort Hood,already a severe shortage of Arabic traslators,as Muslim parents try to steer their kids to resist practicing the insults hurled at Islam

It's hard to think of any response to Fort Hood that won't backfire and make things worse. Muslim parents are up against, increased since Fort Hood, stereotypes as they try to teach their kids sober interpretations of Islam in face of the insults hurled their way. Many trying to promote local ethnic peace between local Muslims and non-Muslims seem to be making excuses for Nidal Hasan, and could seem more so if there is a follow up copy cat attack. One person that doesn't Muslim bash while still taking the danger seriously is the former editorial page editor of the Boston Globe, H. D. S. Greenway,

Joe Lieberman's possible shill committee hearings on terror and Fort Hood are coming up, a possibly very important link on them is enclosed.

Since local translators are targets in Afghanistan, Americans who speak Arabic are desperately needed there. Another problem is the fallout from reflex shooting training, meaning that someone can kill on reflex. Automatically shooting when a target appears without deciding whether to pull the trigger,


I hear a lot of hate, not only on Fox News, but in the street. In Holland, which I hope is not a peek into our future which ironically never did anything to upset Muslims overseas, Muslims have more and more trouble finding work, (instead of like in the US, getting such jobs as bank tellers where honesty is important). Some Muslim kids are looked on as an unemployable weirdos. In Europe Muslims don’t fit in, as much as they have in the US’s what was once called a melting pot, but things are drifting in the European direction.

Obama has been trying to bring the America the world once loved after World War II, back again. Bush had faults, but urged that Muslim businesses not be defaced as he constantly affirmed, that moderates like the King of Jordan were America’s friends.


It looks like bin Laden, Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck, and the people at the Washington Times and Fox News might have got their way, a world at war, but there may be still time for Obama and sober folks to help us get along with each other instead.

In Europe Muslims are scene as freaks, in the US we tend to have a touch of a melting pot and Muslims tend to get such jobs as back tellers because Islam preaches honesty, but it may not be enough and the world could end up dividing into warring camps like bin Laden and Beck craves, but groups like the Daniel Pearl Foundation are trying to bring us all together instead.



Tigre Hill, a film-maker with past progressive credentials, has a new film on Mumia abu-Jamal coming out on December 9. The trailer has people claiming Mumia allegedly empowered himself by shooting a cop, along with comments by others whom I suspect weren’t referring to Mumia in that part of the discussion. It seems to be part of this hate campaign to associate the word terrorism to cover more and more uninvolved people. Headlines from elsewhere flash on the screen “Machine-Gun Fire Hits 2 Police Men” and, “Grenades Rip 12 New Police Cars”, plus the words pig and oink, oink, several times.

If you don’t click on the below link and watch the movie trailer you will think I am exaggerating things out of context. Google, Tigre Hill The Barrel of a Gun,

Since local anti-capital punishment advocates get constantly bombarded with anti-Mumia material, it will affect people at a distance far more than in Philadelphia.


History is repeating itself. When Carter was President, he was sabotaged and smeared by right-wingers who hated him. The very worst example was called the “October Surprise”

Under President Carter so-called super-patriotic Americans including a former Vice-President who was later to become President. President Bush, in the worst case example, worked with America’s enemies to sabotage Carter’s domestic and foreign policy. It hasn’t been smoking gun proven, but the elder Bush’s emissaries might have actually directly, not indirectly, worked with the Iranian hostage takers, google Wikipedia and October Surprise.


Unless we admit we lost the war, the bad news can only get worse. There are different degrees of defeat. Delaying signing a peace treaty could mean US troops leaving from on top of the US embassy (like in Vietnam) or even a total collapse far worse than the collapse of the Soviet Union after it bankrupted itself partly by the Afghanistan War. General Stanley McChrystal's grim blunt assessment that we would lose unless he got 40,000 new troops in a hurry in order to starve off a relatively quick defeat, in no way expressed any optimism that we would win in the end even with more troops. I would like to reinterpret his statement as implying that we should leave rather quickly rather than face a possibility of a last minute panicky retreat like in Vietnam.

Actually there is still a window of possibility for a quick hollow victory in Afghanistan where the Taliban agrees in the future to hand over any al Qaeda leaders for trial to any international court that requests, in exchange for a quick US withdraw.

There is very little chance for the divided leadership of the Taliban to actually comply with such an agreement or for an al Qaeda leader to allow himself to be taken into Taliban custody. But this would prevent al Qaeda from cheering that a relatively few al Qaeda suicide bombers chased America out of Afghanistan. However people like Dick Cheney would argue that we really lost to al Qaeda and help al Qaeda crow a little.


It’s been so long since there has been mention of the Washington Times and the Moonies in the same article that I was beginning to fear people were forgetting that they exist. But there are now two recent blog articles, not only Robert Parry’s “WTimes, Bushes Hail Rev. Moon”,
but also Alex Constantine’s “Ten More Facts about a living Messiah who is growing old” which I also responded to,

But I was disappointed that neither article mentioned the extensive effort of the Washington Times to encourage and then defend the Honduran coup, and their continuous efforts to befriend ultraconservative Miami Cubans.

On other causes the Wash Times plays both sides.  It systematically condemned Chas Freeman, who blamed the Israeli Lobby, for not getting the foreign policy post Obama was going to give him, instead of that paper.  Somehow, pro-Israeli groups didn’t want to start condemning the Wash. Times for getting many angry at the pro-Israel lobby, for something they were not responsible for.  See washingtoncitypaper.com, Our Morning Roundup: Washington Times “Owns” Chas Freeman Story



Let’s not let this issue die, since we now know for sure that a similar situation led the Jimi Hendrix’s death. Dr. Conrad Murray is a distraction if La Toya knew what she claimed. I had similar experience where those who wanted a friend dead hovered around him.

On June 30 Gerald Posner who wrote “Case Closed”, covering up the Kennedy Assassination, claimed that someone close to Michael claimed Michael Jackson was mixing tranquilizers to try to go to the hospital because Michael falsely believed that going to the hospital would let him break his contract.  It turned out that his doctor, Dr.


I joined those around the world who are standing up for Michael Jackson as a decent person who did a lot for kids. A few are alive today because he paid for a desperately needed medical procedure. But the hypocrisy where the rich and famous are treated by different standards, really troubles me. Also we have laws like Megan’s Law that is changing our system of justice. And also by our government wanting child porn off the Internet, and porn watchers to be punished, it ends up making it easier for counties that oppose all free speech on the Internet.

I wonder if some, in their support for Michael Jackson are saying the child molestation witch hunt has gone too far, without risking heading for a world where children in general would lose their childhood. But I admit something more might be involved that neither I or anyone else seems to have a handle on.

Michael Jackson was hurt by the nagging image that he was a bad person, but many others also have been badly hurt by the hysteria. It’s not only adults. A few times, after seeming a film warning a child molesting, young children without any previous sign of disturbance, or undue hostility, played a game resembling incomplete acts of rape or incest on an infant and ended up in reform school, or hassled and monitored for much of their lives.




Metro today (5/28/09) has an excellent headline and article, and a good layout on disappointment in Chester, over Casino revenue, due to too much completion,


This article might be casually handed to non-involved friends.



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