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Communique from the Communal Autonomous Council of San Juan Copala, Oaxaca, Mexico

June 2nd Communique from the Communal Autonomous Council of San Juan Copala, Oaxaca, Mexico
To the indigenous peoples and peoples of the world
To the honest, independent and alternative media
To the international, democratic, solidarity and revolutionary social organizations


08/04/09 - NO WORD YET... After reviewing last week's interview tapes, it appears unclear if current rules allow the parole examiner to release his recommendation to the parole commission, to our attorney. Therefore, it is possible that we may not hear any news until the commission reaches their final decision which would be around the later part of August - 3rd week or beyond. Read More | Coverage from Santa Cruz


In the meantime, please let us think of Leonard's perspective, pray for Leonard's freedom, burn sage or whatever your custom etc. Continue to call The Whites House comment line at 202 -456 -1111 asking for the grant of parole. We appreciate, and Leonard does in particular, all that you have done. Your support has been outstanding in strength, comfort and political advocacy.


* The following article was originally published on Jan. 30 2009 in El Mundo, a Caracas daily. Written by a member of the editorial collective of El Libertario www.nodo50.org/ellibertario , it calls attention to what we fear is a bloody attack against these original inhabitants of the western part of the country.

The information glut regarding the referendum on the Constitutional Amendment (to take place on 2/15/09) has hidden serious events happening in the state of Zulia, in particular the Sierra of Perija. It is the dangerous situation the Yukpa people are living due to their attempt to recover their land.

Landowners in the cattle business have been taking these lands that they know are the historical property of the Wayuu, Bari and Yukpa peoples. The latter acted in 2008 occupying several haciendas to recover what was theirs; the state reacted by promising to pay the ranchers the value of the improvements as a way to compromise.


Since September 3rd, 2007, Henry Okah, a respected youth leader and so called “silent player” in the Niger Delta struggle was arrested in Angola on his way back to Nigeria from South Africa. The Angolan government, likely at the behest of the Nigerian government and the multi-national oil companies operating in Nigeria, detained Mr. Okah and his fellow traveler (Capt. Edward Atatah), under dubious pretexts. These included the possession of “incriminating literature”, gunrunning and the sponsoring of a coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea. Due to the absurdity of the manufactured cases, the charges were eventually thrown out of Angolan court.

Past Reporting on MEND: Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta Declares War


After 5 grueling months in Angolan prison, where the two were beaten and denied access to counsel, it is believed that the prisoners were secretly and illegally extradited to Nigeria on February 14

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