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warrantless wiretapping

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'Fraid to say that the sympathy I have for Dubya being hoodwinked by Vice could barely fill a thimble.

Should we feel any sympathy for former President George W. Bush?

By that time, W. had belatedly realized that Cheney was a crank whose bad advice and disdainful rants against “the diplomatic path” and “multilateral action” had pretty much ruined his presidency.

There were few times before the bitter end that W. was willing to stand up to Vice.



Whuuh?!?! The warrantless wiretapping program was a dragnet and not a carefully pin-pointed program?!?!? Wow! The attack on Gaza did not wipe out Hamas?!?! President Obama's a smart guy? Rush Limbaugh hates his fellow Americans?

Item number one - The warrantless wiretapping program that was the cause of about 30 top Justice Department officials (Pretty much the entire upper level of the Justice Department) very nearly resigning in protest and then first revealed to the country at large by the NY Times (An NY Times reporter was about to publish a book on the matter, so the Times had to hurry and beat him to the punch) and was then defended as a very limited program:


As United States Citizens, we have the right to be confident in our government and corporations to honor the Constitution and abide by the law. With the recent passage of HR 6304, welcome to 1984’s Big Brother State!

I am not sure people really understand just what took place in Congress t


The Bush Administration tells us why they want to snoop through all of our communications. Why it is that we shouldn't let them.