The Rule of the Bush Fool 9/13

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RULE OF THE BUSH FOOL - Have you wondered why the Bush Nazis ask, "If we had a king, what could he do for us?"(Hosea 10:3) It is all part of the plan of the SERPENT form of Zionism to gain rule of all the earth.

The foolproof plan of GHW Bush, the "uncrowned king of Babylon"(Is. 14) and his supporters for world domination is to give their followers some pathological course of action to eliminate people until there is nobody left but Bush Nazis. (Is. 28:15) During the course of this genocide, their king-in-waiting keeps babbling inanities like "I did not want this stuff to happen!" "NoBody is going to do anything about it!" etc. That is why their king couldn't do anything for them. They have to keep that stuff up until they or you are dead! Once they are given their course of action, nobody can stop them, not even Bush. Bush Nazis - What a Fool Believes! 8/7/11 - A fool believes that the entire Bush Dynasty is worth any more than their last bowel movement or that I am going to keep enduring constant harassment to keep you informed. http://www.hm.indymedia.org/newswire/display/17276/index.php 8/1 After a week of rotted garbage or a dead animal in the basement and being woken up by onslaught with anthrax, the Bush Nazis dumped enough chemicals on me all day to make my legs swell up to twice their normal size. Maybe the tons of nicotine that they have dumped on me is killing my legs more than anything else. They pull such stuff @ the first of every month, hoping that I will go complain to the Nazi landlord about it. 8/17 Bush Nazi have been dumping nicotine and anthrax on me for over a week to convince me that I am sick from the damage tbat they have done to my legs. 8/24 They are really hell-bent on killing me, especially with chemicals that aggravate my sores. On Sunday I was shot twice with barbed scarification projectiles in Johnson City when I went to the store. One of the reasons that GHW Bush tells everyone not to mention me or my name is so that they can kill me and say that they didn't know who I was. I can do little more than wear my glove with "The Lord's" on it and reveal what they have done.(Rev. 11:5; Is. 44:5) FB Discussion - Bush Nazis and the Lies of 9/11: What a fool believes. - 9/11 Ten Years After - "The curse of an evil deed is that it will always continue to engender evil" Schiller. Lets see. GHW Bush murdered his daughter, dumped his buddies in the Pacific to get out of WWII. fried Dumb Boy"s brains, etc. Do ...you think any of those acts are keeping this evil alive? Then the Bush Nazis blew Flight 800 out of the sky with a surface-to-air missilbe and probably knocked the World Trade Center towers down to suppress that story. With no proof of hijackers other than the mindless ramblings of Arabs, they've convinced you that those jets were hijacked and that Dumb Boy was a war hero for not letting it happen again while he was in Office. These Bushes with their bogus educational credentials say that they have "made a lie their refuge and falsehood their hiding place" (Is. 28:15) Not only that but they also have a private army of thugs, brawlers, and hooligans; i.e. Secret Service to back them up. That is how they ".. gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear."(2 Tim. 4:3) They believe that they are going to live because they are destined to " seek death but .. not find it"(Rev. 9:6). "This is the fate of those who trust in themselves, and of their followers, who approve their sayings. They are like sheep and are destined to die; death will be their shepherd.."(Ps. 49:13-14) "Let death take my enemies by surprise; let them go down alive to the realm of the dead, for evil finds lodging among them."(Ps. 55:15) 8/16 Bush Nazis have been throwing anthrax and nicotine on me for a week straight; thus maintaining health is a full time job. Do you think GHW Bush is going to tell his kid Dumb Boy that he did 9/11 for the tenth anniversary of the event? 8/17 Understand that Dumb Boy was always bragging that he had kept terrorism at bay during the course of his Administration; i.e. he probably did so by letting GHW Bush continue to wage a bioterror war with his Eagle stealth helicoptors and by other other means; thus there were no more towers knocked down. Note also that Isaiah 14 reveals that GHW Bush makes his world a "desert" as the uncrowned "King of Babylon". That is what is happening in Texas and the South Central US too, for the truths that I reveal about him are being blocked there. 8/25 Bush says that they have been banning his Eagle Stealth Helicoptor wherever he goes. Wish that was true. 8/27 GHW Bush revealed that he has been harassing me continuously for 16 years because of the 400-plus letters that I wrote to him at the White House. Every one of those letters was impeccable, i.e. without fault! They should be in the National Archives for they had great influence on Domestic and Foreign Policies. 6/25 In the '90s a Chinook helicoptor kept circling my house in DC with a group of men, holding a GHW Bush dummy in the doorway like they were going to throw him out. Last night it was ascertained that was supposed to be the USPO showing us what happens when Bush wouldn't stop interfering with the mail and email and stealing posts on websites. I'm not making this up, and this is not some controversial detail about Bush that he has revealed to me himself so that his compatriots can raise a ruckus about it and coerce you into removing this post. Note: Ariz. must be full of Bush Nazis; thus it is burning. GHW Bush; Killing His Own People 7/26 - As the "uncrowned king of Babylon", it is prophesized that GHW Bush will murder his own people; i.e. his fellow Nazis.(a.)(Is. 14:20) According to the plan and their "covenant with death" (Is. 28:14); the hardcore Nazis will keep up their murderous activities no matter what happens; thus those who have offered them token support in order to get along with them are going to be the ones who end up killing them to stop this madness.(James 5:6) For some reason, "The way of fools seems right to them" (Prov. 12:15) It starts with the fool feigning distress. "This guy has been making me go nuts!" Then they start with the toxic assaults. "It's just a little bit!" "It's harmless stuff!" "Nobody is going to do anything about it!" Yet "...whoever pursues evil is in line for his own death." (Prov. 11:19) "Whoever leads the upright along an evil path will fall into their own trap..." "It is a trap to dedicate something rashly and only later to consider one’s vows." Do you think they "... will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will"? (Prov. 28:10; 20:25; 2 Tim. 2:26) I bet that they can't without killing or being killed. 7/25 I suggested to a friend that he check out the surveillance footage from the cameras on the emergency vehicles that aided him after a car accident in order to determine if anyone who might have staged this accident showed up to check it out. If there was revealing images, I told him that he should broadcast those scenes and question the public about it: "Who are these people? What do you think they're doing there?" The same hold true for any criminal activity of that has been captured on film. Just keep questioning the public even if you do know who the criminals were. Maybe some people know them by other names etc. This will really stir the Bush Nazis up, and they will try to stop such broadcasts, incriminating themselves even more getting themselves killed. If the criminality is obvious and has happened often, soon the public will be telling the criminals, "They can stay here no longer." (Lam. 4:15). Once they are compelled to leave, their reputation will follow them and precede them so that there will be no place that they are welcome. That is probably how God planned it. Bioterror Enclaves Must Go! - 6/2011 - "Strike the pillars so the foundations tremble.." (Amos 9) There is no other way to deal the bioterroristic dens of iniquity that the Bush Nazis have produced. 6/28 As for the Bush Nazis, prepare a place to slaughter their "..children for the sins of their ancestors; they are not to rise to inherit the land and cover the earth with their cities." (Is. 14:21) Invasion USA 4/23: "‎I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws .... a great horde with large and small shields, all of them brandishing their swords. .. You will say, “I will invade a land of unwalled villages; I will attack a peaceful and unsuspecting people—all of them living without walls.."(Ez. 38:4,11) FB Discussion 4/2011 -Making the United States, a part of Canada This is how Israel came to be in the land of the north. (Jer. 16:15) I was told to see a doctor, and there is none here: http://prod.midiaindependente.org/en/blue//2009/12/459737.shtml http://london.indymedia.org/articles/8583 Instead of going to Canada, why can't I make the US a part of Canada. You know that these Canadians have been massing at the borders for a long time, don't you? Canada has the best doctors in the world. Surely they can help Uncle Sam. The country Israel was supposed to come out of Dryden, NY; but Dryden has been full of Bush Nazis who seem intent on stopping that from happening. Since Gog has been summoned in my quest for a legitimate doctor, the Canadians can use practically any reason to come and set matters straight in this country.(Mic. 4:3) Instead of moving on Samaria; i.e. those who are killing people with kindness, you could have the same effect by trying to save people with the prophesized number, 666. Show scenes on YouTube or some place like that of a Blitzkrieg of Canadians invading the US to Save the Gays, Stop AIDS, etc. Show images of people who allegedly have been stamped and are happy with the number on their foreheads. You could even show the heads of the people who refused the number. That would be Gad; "Gad will be attacked by a band of raiders, but he will attack them at their heels." along with Dan; "Dan will be a snake by the roadside, a viper along the path, that bites the horse’s heels so that its rider tumbles backward"(Gen. 49:19,17) God has provided about 30 ways to deal with the SERPENT, including the "windstorms of Jehovah" that we've been experiencing. "You have enlarged the nation, LORD; you have enlarged the nation. ...you have extended all the borders of the land."(Is. 26:15) Thus Israel will soon be a nation that encompasses the entire earth. Sarah and Jennifer, "blossoms in the field"; "a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a people devoted to God".(1 Peter 2:9) When Sarah and Jennifer obeyed His servant's words by upholding this law He set in Israel, they became God's people, resulting in the formation of Israel, for wherever two come together in His name, He is there with them (Is.50:10; Lev. 20:13; Rom. 1:32; Ps. 78:5; Matt. 18:20). http://www.angelfire.com/nj4/savethechildren/tears10.htm Israel became a reality on November 11, 1997 when I wrote in the "Good News" that there is a tribe "...that lives and dies and breathes that Sarah and Jennifer are a country as of this moment, a nation on that day". Now the righteous have disappeared from the land (Mic. 7:2); but they live, for their spirits now rest under the altar with the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained.(Rev. 6:9, 11) Their work lives on after them. Thus anyone who goes looking for Israel becomes Israel. "Fear God! Give Him glory! The hour of His judgment has come! Judgment begins with Israel, the family of God, over a law He set in Israel, things that He commanded our forefathers to make them known to their sons. By the word of their testimony, Sarah and Jennifer have created Israel, a holy nation, a royal priesthood, a people devoted to God. They did not fear the reproach of men; they were not terrified by their insults; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. Those who were once not a people, are now God's people, Israel, a holy nation. They have been singled out! They have been persecuted! They have been shot, smashed, and brutalized in an inhuman way! Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His loyal ones. The Bear Lord has set out to bring home our own badness on us. A destroyer has set out to subdue even Kings before him! Let all the earth fear the Lord! In storehouses surging waters; He is forming their hearts all together; His way is in the storm and the whirlwind; His power is in the sky; His tempestuous wind accomplishing His word. An onward sweeping tempest that will not turn back until He will have carried out the ideas of His heart; 666, love, George Herbert Walker Bush, the uncrowned king of Babylon, the son of perdition, the lawless Jacob. the Great Dead King of Israel. A country in a moment! A nation in a day! A house for the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer, for He will bring them back; they are the Holy Ones of the Supreme One; His law that He set in their Heart; and His words that He has put in their mouths, shall not not be removed from their mouths, or from the mouths of their offspring, from now on even until time indefinite. Once not a people, now God's people, Israel, a holy nation! Let all the earth fear the Lord! In the Lord alone is goodness and strength!" (Ps. 111:10; Rev. 15:4; Is. 51:5; 1 Peter 2:10; 4:17; Ps. 78:5; Lev. 20:13; Rom. 1:32; 1 Peter 2:9; Is. 51:7; Rev. 12:11; 1 Peter 2:10; Matt. 5:10-12; Ps. 116:15; Is. 13:11; Dan. 7:5; Amos 9:1; Jer. 4:7; Is. 45:1; Ps. 33:8,15; Nahun 1:3; Ps. 68:34; Ps. 148:8; Jer. 30:23-24; Rev. 13:18; Is. 14:4-22; Mic. 1:5; 2 Thess. 2:3-8; Hosea 10:3,15; Is. 66:8; Mic. 4:1-2; Ez. 37:12; Dan. 7:27; Matt. 20:23; Amos 6:8; Ps. 78:5; Is. 59:21; 1 Peter 2:10; Is. 45:24)(Confirming that GHW Bush really ought to be dead, the Zondervan Concord. for Dan. 7:4 reads, "His body will be made to stand up on two feet like a man.) And they shall spring up in the grass, as willows by the waterside. (Is. 44:4) Whether he ever shows up or not, the Bear Lord will serve as the Lord of the earth in order to make manifest His kingdom. (Dan. 7:5) "Who are you that you fear mortal man, ..so that you were in dread constantly the whole day long on account of the rage of the one hemming you in?" (Is. 51:12-13). Do you forget that your Lord has promised to deliver your soul from death itself and bring to nothing the one having the means to cause death, that is, the Devil?(Ps. 33:19: Heb. 2:14) ""Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit", says the Lord Almighty"(Zech. 4:6). So out of Bobby's Canada comes Israel, a Holy Nation. (See http://brobubbabob.wordpress.com/ Won't stop downloading. Complete download indicated on right of your screen.) Since Making the US a part of Canada has been written, be sure to keep in mind that the McDonald's in Dryden did crown GHW Bush King in the late 1990s. As for Queen Elizabeth making him and Honorary Knight in 1993, he probably told her that he was going to be "... a King or some other damn thing." Also remember "...anyone who goes looking for Israel becomes Israel." Bush Buffoonery Plain to All 3/16 - "...they will not get very far because ... their folly will be clear to everyone."(2 Tim. 3:9) Nanotechnuts Bring Us High Tech Death 2/25 - Micronecromania brought to you by the Bush Nazi dumkopfs or even Hitler himself. "Who will see it?"(Ps. 64:5) 12/29 Nazi insect and nanotube assault explained. 2/10 Computer security scams. 2/24 Bush has never done anything legit. By talking like a fool for his entire life and eliminating anyone who has questioned such talk, GHW Bush has assumed the kingship of those who became the godless Israelites by behaving like they were "God on earth", defending the rule of the Bush fools. Have they convinced you to worship the Bush fools? (Deut. 13:1-11) These fools believe that "..anyone who kills you ... is offering a service to God."(John 16:2) Thus the Lord says, "You have condemned and murdered innocent men, who were not opposing you."(James 5:6) One of the reasons that you don't talk to GHW Bush about what he has been doing is that he will immediately set about begrieving his conduct, and he will use any hesitation on your part to get rid of you.(Ps. 28:3; Jer. 9:8) 1/3 Take Bush's Eagle stealth "toys" away from him.(c.) "Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you."(1 Peter 4:12; Ps. 62:3; 64:8) 7/25 If Bush says that he regrets his detestable criminality, he is really bragging about it, for he knows that you can't prove anything and that is the only way that he can talk about it. (Jer. 6:15; Prov. 10:14) REPORT ON BUSH NAZI MICRONECROMANIA ETC. Here is a piece that addresses and illustrates to some extent the bioterrorism that the Bush Nazis (a. & c.) say is "invisible harmless stuff". Note that you could search high and low and probably wouldn't find a doctor to address such injuries appropriately. http://alacant.indymedia.org/contingut/invasion-usa-46 4/5 I did not look closely at the images until yesterday, and I found that I did capture an image of the linked parasitic mites that they are throwing below and to the left of the adult parasitic mite. It is the lower of two black images to the right and below the yellow mass. The yellow mass is glue drops, for I had added freshly collected material with glue smaeared from the tip of the tube. There are three linked mites there, and they are about a twentieth of the size of the adult mite. Adult mites are rare and only live a few houres, and they probably never come from infected people, these probably arise from the method by which the culprits are breeding these insects. The tiny linked mites are what you feel crawling over the sensitive areas of your body when they are thrown on you. In respect to nanotubes hazards etc.; the article on Curved Nanotubes has been removed. Those curved namotubes had bases like the square bases of metal scaffolding; thus a lot of them would stand up and puncture the foot if you walked on them. It took me 3 months to get them out of the ball of my foot. Next to the article on Curved Nanotubes there were links to articles with pictures of expanding barbed projectiles as described below, and that article is no longer accessible either. I bet that article had been there for a year or more, for the barbed projectiles in my cheek are a lot more destructive. GHW Bush says that they had those articles there on Phys.com because they planned to use those weapons on anyone who tried to discredit nanotechnology. I have a barbed projectile below my lower lip that is @ three quarter inch long and a third inch wide that I will probably try to remove too. They apparently shoot these things in all sizes, for I have removed @ five that are not much bigger than a human hair and a third of an inch long or so. Also there is another large mass coming out of the tip of my nose. That is probably the best way to remove that stuff.) (4/13 In addition to the barbed prongs in my face, I find a lot of microscopic spherical barbs that become embedded in the skin when I touched my face with contaminated hands. The masses of scar tissue encased manomaterial and insects that I have removed from my body are best described as granulomas; thus if you take a look at this link, you can imagine the host of illnesses that the medical profession might say that you have: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granulomas . Wiki also probably has the most thorough account of nanotechs too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_nanotube#Types_of_carbon_nanotubes_a... ) Along with the purportedly undetectable chemicals, bacteria, and radiation that the Bush Nazis use to murder people, these nanotubes have also joined the "invisible" agents of death that gratify what I call their "micronecromania" or "micronecrophilia" if you will. FYI - Nanotubes = lethal instruments. "The beginning .... is foolishness: and the end ... is mischievous madness."(Eccl. 10:13 KJV) 12/7 Keep in mind that these nanotubes can carry practically any microscopic infectious agent. I also want to let you know that these burrows and tubes have to be removed in sequence, for the skin has to recover and heal to some extent before you try removing more; thus one should wait several days in order to let more of the foreign matter surface and to protect the deep layers of skin. 12/10 I suspect that the body forms scar tissue around these nanobubes whether they contain infectious agents or not; thus I have been digging at raise bumps of scar tissue, particularly on my wrists. I have found that the bumps keep forming until all of the tubes or burrows are out. From the articles on nanotubes above, I have learned that the tubes can be rigid or very flexible; thus they are probably rigid when they puncture the skin and become flexible in the body. It is hard to remove them because the scar tissue probably anchors them to the surrounding skin; thus digging at the bumps produces a painful bloody mess. To sum it up, nanotechnology has few practical purposes. The material is just too small to do anything constructive with it. The publicity that has promoted it is all smoke and mirrors, emptyheaded reasoning.(2 Tim. 4:3; Rom. 1:21-22) 12/16 I have determined that many of those who are throwing the mites and nanotubes at me are recent immigrants from Rwanda. As was the case with the illegal Salvadorean immigrants that harassed me in DC, the Bush Nazis have imported SERPENT worshippers that probably learned how to breed lethal insects and throw toxic substances at people before they learned how to talk. When any foreign atrocity like the Rwanda genocide happens, one has to understand that there are SERPENTs on both sides, and those are the ones who will be welcomed into this country by the Bush Nazis, for they say that they have "..entered into a covenant with death, with the realm of the dead we have made an agreement. When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by, it cannot touch us, for we have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place."(Is. 28:15), meaning that they will keep on throwing toxic stuff until they are dead.(Deut. 13:9) As a result of this, practically every single thing that I touch is contaminated by SERPENTs as often as they can do it. 12/19 Maybe the best way to teach nanotechnologists the hazards of nanotubes is to have them walk barefoot through some of those curved nanotubes referred to above. 12/29 As I have mentioned, I have seen several people in this town with large golf ball-like lumps on their arms, faces, etc. I have determined that these are not the result of the body encapsulating anthrax as I thought they were and that they are lumps arising from being shot with bullets composed of mites when drunk. I have tried to talk to several of these people only to find that they have also had their brains fried. As it is written, "The LORD will afflict you with the boils of Egypt and with tumors, festering sores and the itch, from which you cannot be cured. The LORD will afflict you with madness, blindness and confusion of mind."(Deut. 28:27-28; Jer. 5:21; 10:14; Is. 6:9-10) I suspect that these people with lumps on their bodies were shot with bullets that were composed entirely of insects years ago (@ 15-20 years ago) long before they started using nanotubes in such bullets. I find that digging deep at the sites where lumps are beginning to form causes some of the burrows, nanotubes, and/or insects to migrate to the surface. I have dug the major wound on my forearm about seven times yet they are still in there. I have just started on one in my biceps, and it became a bloody mess instantly; thus "...blood spattered my garments, and I stained all my clothing."(Is. 63:3) 1/5 FYI You can't stop picking that stuff out until it is all out; otherwise a lump will eventually form; thus the sores have to be kept open for the duration. I notice that the sores of these afflicted ones also are opened at times; thus the victims probably open them to relieve the pain or itch and pick out as many of the insects or burrows as they can. I have never let the sores close up and grow like that; thus I have over thirty on my face, arms, and feet that are in various stages of treatment. 1/18 I believe that the thousands of pieces of nanotubes that I am picking out of my face and arms are from the wastebins (Biohazard Bins?!) of nanotech centers. I suspect that the culprits sift this waste and use the resulting material according to its size. The use of insects or nanotubes in bullets in the Gaza Strip was probably covered up because those bullets are really Dum Dum Bullets, banned by International Law at the Hague Convention in 1899. 1/22 Since there is nothing published on the hazards of nanotubes, I presume that there have never been any toxicology tests on them. Any one in that field who tries to dismiss questions about the dangers of nanotubes should prove themselves that nanotubes are harmless; i.e. they can inhale them, be shot with them, and walk barefoot through them. 1/25 Since I was shot in the face with mites and nanotubes, the Bush Nazis have been throwing mites in my face wherever I go; thus I find that there are masses of mites in my nostrils to the point where I find myself trying to pull something out of my nose akin to what Schwarzenegger pulled out of his nose in the Terminator. I bet a lot of animals die trying to get those masses out of their nose.