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'Right' To Life and the Police State

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The fbi increases the DEW assaults on me after I publish the report on 'Right To Life'.


The fbi sociopaths increased the DEW (sleep deprivation) against me last night as an apparent result of this report; then on the night of the 28th, the sleep deprivation was again increased to a level of about 8 (on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the most painful and dramatically symptomatic as described at):
About a month ago the fbi hit me with a level 10 DEW assault to demonstrate their power over me. That assault bordered on complete entrainment of the brain and to a degree had a paralyzing effect on me; so that I was incapacitated for a time and the inability to function continued for a day or so and was followed by continuing disparate effects therefrom. These effects were scary because I may have temporarily lost some cognitive awareness. If an individual is pushed to the limit and then seeks a final respite from the assaults on the brain, then the fbi and their operatives who employ the DEW assaults are guilty of premeditated murder and they should be identified and prosecuted, along with others who force suicide by other means. See:
 The Congress of the USA is aware of these DEW assaults on people and do nothing; therefore each member of Congress (and the courts) who remain silent on the issue and who do not raise an objection is also guilty of misprision of multiple felonies the exact names of which are yet to be determined; in the very least the coverup of a forced suicide of the type described herein is a criminal homicide committed by any party involved.
                                        Here is the report:
Right to life advocates often usurp the right of a woman's choice knowing full well (according to demographic projections and actual statistical data) that the babies are predestined in many instances for lives of pain, misery, and bad de...ath where the following events are awaiting them: must 1) live in poverty and deprivation 2) *go to war and suffer injuries 3) be tortured, imprisoned or murdered; all such calamities are prepared for them by the very same high culture and government bureaucrats who pretend to reaffirm the right of every human being to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that the few who temporarily escape this awful fate must thereafter serve the **killing and torturing machine as snipers, swat members, black operatives, police, military robots,prison guards or civilian homicidal agents assigned to kill or neutralize their fellow citizens; all of such activities paradoxically derive from the current slogan of


Delusional Moron, Sosbee

Nobody gives a shit what your view is on right to life, you stupid, immoral, delusional old dog turd. To think that the FBI, or anyone for that matter, is targeting you with these exotic weapons for your views is nothing but narcissistic bullshit. You are just a paranoid delusional liar and moron with a over-inflated sense of self importance, gerbil, nothing more and nothing less. Want some cheese with that whine, dipshit? lol

psychopath Upton

Liar Sosbee

Once again baldfaced liar sosbee accuses me of stalking his stupid ass. Provide the links where I have posted to your stupid lies and bullshit other than on Philly IMC you fucking liar. You can't because I have not posted to your silly crap anywhere but here. Just like all his outrageous claims on his bullshit blog and the idiotic crap he posts here are nothing but lies, so is his assertion that I stalk his insane ass. But, when a persons whole pathetic existence is built on lies, what else would you expect except more lies. Get help, gerbil, you are a danger to yourself and maybe even others, with your paranoid delusional mental disorder.


I know for a fact lethal weapons one can not see nor hear (other than the victim) not only exists (you know it or why bother reporting here so cruely) but is in fact used on civilians of every kind in the USA and the FBI does particiapte.

Upton symbolic of a corrupt & inhumane country

The fraud who uses the name Upton represents the United States government, and more particularly the federal burro of investigation (fbi) and as such he in fact presents an imminent danger and threat to this country because of the homicidal mentality that he spreads globally and shares with his associates in the covert intel community. He is a torturer, a criminal cyberstalker, and is paid to try to end the life of his Target. He never shows his true identity and repeatedly refuses to display his DD214 or other document showing his service to the nation that now employs him as a professional thug. His presence at my reports here confirms his agenda as I have documented on line and with the police: attack Geral Sosbee verbally in every way possible and with a most vile language; and at the same time commit other criminal offenses against Sosbee in efforts to find a way to arrest him on any charge, civil or criminal.

The intelligent reader may weep for the USA, for the people, and for the victims of this pathetic excuse of a man whose job may be further summarized here:


Upton's legacy are the ashes of a country that he has inadvertantly destroyed The United States of AmeriKa) through his corruption, criminality and gratuitous treachery:


Any informed armed service member must be ashamed to identify with the USA (and be sorry for any service to this pig of a government) because the true character of this nation is found in the despicable and criminal mind of Upton himself and his kind lurking worldwide.


Sosbee doubling down on his lies and stupidity

Everything in your comment is a lie except the part where I won't post my DD 214 on the internet. Only an absolute moron or fool would post their personal info on the net. You are both a fool and moron, and a liar who is lost in a world of paranoid delusional stupidity. Where is the proof of my stalking, liar. If you weren't such an outrageous liar, you wouldn't have to worry about someone posting dissent to your bullshit. How does my rebuttal to your lies and bullshit confirm an agenda, liar? Quit posting such foolish bullshit, moron, and I will quit commenting on it. Continue to spam this site with your idiocy, and I will be right there to call you out as the liar, fool, and paranoid delusional moron that you are. Want some cheese with that whine, LIAR? LOL

Murderous Upton Threatens Us All

The fbi in a desperate attempt to discredit & destroy this Target sends the half wit assassin Upton to serve as a spokesman for the barbaric agency that has (together with the cia mass murderers) destroyed the constitutional gov of the USA and killed many people. By going public Upton wants all to see exactly what the fbi has in store for others who may become targets;they are (he assumes) the toughest and the meanest boys in the world; nevermind that they are also the most cowardly.

The greatest threat to mankind today is shown in the contagious persona of Upton himself and in the murderous & torturous agenda that he and his fbi Handlers execute against me and others. His identity is protected and his crimes encouraged/covered up by the fbi, as he is free to perpetrate inhumane acts at will; such a state of affairs forewarns of the atrocious global police state that now encroaches on all of us; and even as I try to report on the events that he denies, he and his thug friends continue the painful assaults under the program that I describe here:


Upton's profile as an assassin

Here is a summary of the mental illness of all personalities, including pervert Upton, who torture and abuse their Targets with DEW:


Total Idiocy

gerbil, you have to be the most narcissistic moron ever birthed. You take someone commenting on an independent media site to your perverted, stupid and hilariously delusional bullshit and in your feverish delusional brain you make them into an fbi agent bent on destroying your pathetic life. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, get over yourself moron. You are so fucked in the head that you think me making disparaging comments on your garbage as some attack directed by the fbi, your personal boogy man. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am just someone who points out what a delusional, dumb ass you are. None of the shit you claim is true. None of the bullshit links you post or none of the outrageous crap you claim is happening to you is real. You are nutty as squirrel shit, and everyone who isn't a nut sees it in every thing you post. You want to be rid of me, then quit posting your idiocy to philly. Keep posting and I will keep commenting.

Upton is a walking talking danger to our society

"you are a danger to yourself ...and others" are the words of a madman (Upton); such statement by fbi assassin Upton is also accompanied by a method: Torture, malign and attack (physically and psychologically) in order to evoke a response at which time *imprisonment as a mental case may be achieved at long last. The fbi has its most representative spokesboy in the person of Upton who exemplifies the concept he uses in his insane raving, "Total idiocy". No help is available for psychopathic shills like Upton whose lives are devoted to destroying others.Upton and his kind are truly hopeless cases and serve in this instance as verification of the criminality of the fbi and its supporters.He is truly a threat to civil society and a danger to the community at large because of his self-confessed menace to this reporter.


take this all down

allowing crazy people to spam the newswire only encourages them.