Reparations, Not Reform! An appeal to the "Occupy Wall St" movement

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Uhuru! We begin our letter with this greeting, “Uhuru,” because it is a Swahili word that means “freedom” and it is the slogan of the Uhuru Movement, an international African working class movement led by the African People's Socialist Party that is uniting African people in the US and around the world in the revolutionary struggle for self-determination.
We are the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, an organization of white people and other allies of black liberation who work under the leadership of the APSP to organize in our own communities for material solidarity with the African Liberation Movement.

We stand against the thieving bankers on Wall Street

Several of our members traveled to NYC during the "Occupy Wall St" demonstrations where they did outreach for the national campaign to build “A Day in Solidarity with African People” and sign up people to participate in the upcoming “Stop the Wars, Build the Resistance” march led by the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations.
We unite with the enthusiasm of the participants in protesting the profound injustice of this government and system that we see all around us. We believe it is a sign of the ever increasing and deepening crisis of imperialism that for the first time since Obama was elected, we are now seeing thousands of North American/white people taking to the streets to express discontent with the current state of the US economic system.
But we want to seriously and sincerely call on the Wall Street protesters and all progressive minded North American people everywhere to look deeper at the problem and recognize that capitalism is not “broken” - it was born this way. It cannot be reformed. And as millions of oppressed peoples around the world are rising up to prove: the entire capitalist system must be overturned.
The world system of capitalism – for which the US is the leading state power, and Wall Street its economic epicenter - was built on the enslavement of African people and the genocide of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and the theft of their land.
Capitalism is a parasite, sucking the blood of the majority of humanity, waging unending wars of plunder and occupation, terror and genocide around the world in order to control natural resources necessary for the high standard of living in the Western world justified by an ideology of racism and white nationalism.
This system has wreaked havoc on the majority of the world—the true 99 percent—for 500 years, destroying whole continents of people, decimating civilizations, terrorizing nations, imposing poverty and repression and even destroying the ecosystem of the planet itself to provide the white population with a pedestal for our assumed lifestyle that is unattainable except for the most wealthy in other parts of the world.
Who is the real 99%?

While it is true that one percent of the US population controls the majority of the wealth, to equate ourselves with those suffering profound poverty and repression around the world and inside this country simply flies in the face of reality. You and I know this is true.
Just because we are not all “bankers,” Rockefellers or Bill Gates does not mean we are “all in the same boat.”
The fact of the matter is that even as white people are beginning to experience the effects of the economic crisis, we are still living the highest standard of living in the world at the expense of the real “99 percent” inside this country – African, Mexican and Indigenous people who live behind an invisible wall of colonial oppression right here in America.
Even as the economic crisis has begun to effect the entire US population, white people are still earning an average income that is 20,000 dollars higher than the average income of African families. The wealth gap between white and black families in this country has widened to a point where white people have 20 times the wealth as black people.
Yes, we are starting to feel the pinch. But why haven't we been coming out in droves to demonstrate as black teenagers have been shot down by police all over the US?

Where is the outcry about the mass roundups of African people in this country that now have more black men in prison than in college? There is a war going on inside these borders, but we walk right over the African community to get to Wall Street.
Where are the demonstrations calling for genuine peace, saluting the right of the African, Afghani, Iraqi, Palestinian and Indigenous peoples to have their land, resources and self determination back in their own hands?
This parasitic monster can’t be reformed

There's no such thing as “going back to the good old days.”
Parasitic capitalism is not going to go away simply because we reinstate the Glass-Steagall act or repeal a Supreme Court decision about corporate personhood. You cannot overcome a disease by treating its surface symptoms, we must go to the heart of the problem – colonialism.
We have to see our future as inextricably tied to the rest of humanity who are struggling fiercely to get this monster off their backs so they can live and prosper on their own land and resources. In fact, this is the cause of the crisis in the US and Europe today: oppressed peoples are fighting back, making it more difficult for the US to steal the increasing rare resources of the planet.
Any attempt to reform capitalism will prove to be futile. This system is going down. And the majority of the oppressed peoples of the world are the ones who are going to bring it down as they struggle to build a new world based on justice and equity, not one nation prospering at the expense of another.

Imperialism is the enemy

We unite with struggles of the colonized, in solidarity, under their leadership. Their enemy—the US and European governments, military and war machines, the Wall Street bankers and corporate bloodsuckers—is our enemy as well.
We must take responsibility for the legacy of the oppressor and the slave-master that we have inherited and build the movement for reparations from the white community to the African and oppressed peoples of the world.

We do not ask for more of the loot stolen by bankers and the US government. We demand for the stolen resources—the basis of all imperialist war—be returned to the self-governing peoples of the world as the only possible basis for peace on this planet.

That's the only thing that's going to put this capitalist system into its grave. And we have a role to play in bringing this new world into existence by organizing in solidarity with African liberation.

Without resolving this fundamental contradiction between the oppressor nation and oppressed nations, it is impossible to resolve any of the contradictions that we face within our own communities – homophobia, sexism, the oppression of white workers, etc. All of these problems occur within the context of the colonial enslavement and mass exploitation of Africans and other colonized peoples.

If you are truly committed to changing the world, then we call on you to do more than simply occupy Wall Street; we call on you join the movement for reparations and organize in solidarity with African Liberation! Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement take a genuine stand on the side of the African community who are going to heart of the problem to overturn this system.
The future is in the hands of the colonized. Our future, as well, is to be found in solidarity with the revolutionary struggles of African, Mexican, Indigenous, Arab, Afghan and other oppressed and colonized peoples of the world.
We unite with the demand for reparations to African and oppressed peoples everywhere.

If you believe that there will never be peace on the planet without justice, reparations and reconciliation for African people and all the countless victims of imperialism past and present against whom terror, genocide, exploitation were carried out in our name and for our benefit, then Take the Pledge of Solidarity and contribute at least $10 to the African-led Uhuru Movement for liberation and self-determination for African people everywhere!
Victory to the African and Indigenous peoples of the world!
Death to Imperialism! Down with Wall Street and white power!
Solidarity with African Liberation!



lets address reparations...ridiculous. Are you going to ask the President to pay because he is Biracial. If you don't like the way this country lets you express your freedom ..MOVE. Are y'all looking for handouts? Let me state this again...IF YOU WERE BORN HERE IN THE UNITED STATES...you are AMERICAN. You may have linage from other countries but YOU ARE AMERICANS FIRST so stop with the poor poor bullschmidt of "oppressed peoples" and invoking those oppressed in other countries to equate to YOUR propaganda as "oppressed peoples" here in the United States. If any of your readers buy into your propaganda...I have some swamp land for sale in Florida that you can build on...I wouldn't lie...would I?

Jon Pisano

Solidarity is a positive stance!

As an Euro/American, I know I'm not native to Indigenous land. There have been slanderous attacks against Africans but the truth is white people stole Africans from Africa and white immigrants jumped on top of chattel slavery and now the prison economy, which imprisons mostly Africans, though Africans are a minority of the population inside the domestic colony of the U.S. All the black leaders in the 60s were murdered, including Martin Luther King, Jr. by the U.S. government! Africans were never citizens of america and it is opportunistic for whites to claim otherwise, ignoring the barbaric history of the colonial oppressors. Africans are not free under colonial law. Its a oxymoron to make such a statement. Colonization is not freedom. Africans have a right to self-determination.

I'm not a super rich white citizen of colonial america but I benefit as a citizen at the expense of the colonized. I Take a Pledge of Solidarity to recognize and rectify my oppressive relationship with African workers and peasants


are you smokin dude??? As to the prisons that have a majority of Americans of African heritage incarcerated...do the crime...do the time and don't blame others for your own/their shortcomings...MAN UP

Nigga Please.

I live in a predominately black neighborhood, where people teach their kids how to get the most welfare "benefits" from the system. I am sick and tired of this shit. My neighborhood use to be nice. We would hang out at night on the porch and talk to our neighbors. The kids could play in the streets and not worry about getting robbed. Then we had 4 properties go up for sale and they were purchased and became section 8 then 3 more. Now there is graffiti all over, houses being broken into cars being robbed, 40 bottles on the streets, drug deals on the corner. The difference between 10 years ago and now...the people who moved into the section 8 housing. They are all BLACK. Their properties look like shit, smells like trash and my property value has dropped by 35% before the housing bubble burst. It is so bad the the borough is trying to confiscate these houses, and I say let them. You have had the same opportunities I did. I went to NYC public HS right next to the Marlboro housing projects, majority of the students were black. I studied instead of getting girls pregnant. I got good grades and then I went to college full time and worked full time. I am now selling my house to get away from these people who still feel they are still owed something. Nigga please, you ain't owed shit. You make your own choices and decisions, Fuck reparations go back to school and get educated. Start a business like I did and make something of your life. No one is giving you shit because that's how the world works. Reform I am all for it. Reparations...fuck that noise.