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Rally to free Troy Davis

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Pennsylvanians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty explains what the Troy Davis case is all about:

Time is running out for Troy Davis who is scheduled for execution tomorrow. It's not too late. There's too much doubt in this case and the risk of executing an innocent man is way too high.


Pennsylvanians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty explains what the Troy Davis case is all about:


Time is running out for Troy Davis who is scheduled for execution tomorrow. It's not too late. There's too much doubt in this case and the risk of executing an innocent man is way too high. Please take action
and forward this email widely.


The local group Philly Against War conducted this demo.

Letter continues:

Please call District Attorney Larry Chisholm NOW at 912-652-7308 and ask him to withdraw his request for execution.

If the phone lines are jammed, please fax him at 912-652-7328.

Please also appeal to the president and employees of CorrectHealth and ask them not to participate in the killing of Troy Davis. Be sure to SING YOUR NAME. The sample fax below is also on our Pennsylvanians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty facebook page in the Notes section.

Please copy the sample fax below and send it NOW to help stop tomorrow's

scheduled execution.


September 20, 2011

Dr. Carlo Musso, President, and Employees


9020 Peridot Parkway

Stockbridge, GA 30281

Via facsimile – 770-692-4754

Dear Dr. Musso and Employees of Rainbow Medical Associates:

As medical professionals who participate in the execution process, you have the option and opportunity to contribute mercy and grace to a system that is often unable to consider either. I come to you now pleading for the life of Troy Anthony Davis.

I believe that there is too much doubt that persists in the case to allow for the execution of Troy Anthony Davis. Mr. Davis has maintained his innocence from the day of his arrest until now, and has received

three stays of execution. No physical evidence ties Mr. Davis to the crime. He was convicted solely on the basis of eyewitness testimony and 7 of 9 witnesses recanted or changed their story. An eyewitness

testified for the first time in 2010 that he saw his relative, not Davis, shoot Officer MacPhail. At least ten individuals have implicated the alternative suspect as the actual perpetrator.

The 2010 federal evidentiary hearing required Mr. Davis to prove his innocence to an “extraordinarily high” standard. Without physical evidence, Mr. Davis had to rely on witness testimony. Ultimately, the

very witnesses Georgia relied on at trial for his conviction and death sentence were not believed when they testified after trial that they made false statements. When human error leads to a failure to examine

critical evidence, you as medical professionals have the option not to assist in the execution of a possibly innocent person.

I am deeply troubled that Georgia might proceed with this execution given the real possibility of Mr. Davis’ innocence. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that our criminal justice system is not devoid

of error and we now know that 139 individuals have been released from death rows across the United States, most often due to mistaken witness identification, since 1976. The system of capital punishment is

fallible, given that it is administered by fallible human beings. Your position as medical personnel who assist with executions affords you the opportunity to safeguard against this potential for error by

participating only when guilt is certain.

I respectfully urge you and the employees of Rainbow Medical Associates to demonstrate your strong commitment to the preservation of human life by refraining from participating in the execution of Troy Anthony Davis. Please remember the oath you took “to do no harm.” Your refusal will

send a clear message that Georgia’s medical professionals are unwilling to risk executing the innocent and to risk facilitating a human being’s needless pain and suffering.

Thank you for your kind consideration.




Please, please do act now. We must do everything possible to stop this

injustice now.

With sincere thanks,


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just look who, in the above photo, has the bullhorn. If y'all don't know, she is a staunch supporter for freedom of another proven, convicted and affirmed murderer, Mumia Abu jamal. As to the above last highlighted paragraph regarding Jamal did not have proper legal representation, that is NOT a valid complaint as the Courts ,both State and Federal, have found..what.....guilty...proven and affirmed and all of his high priced lawyers failed to prove otherwise. . For the true facts regarding Jamal, please refer to Daniel Faulkner.com for the TRUTH. Frankly,Im surprized some would support such blantant misinformation redarding the Davis case and that of Mumia Abu Jamal. I wonder how they(posters/article writers) would feel if it were a family member who was murdered..in cold blood as these Officers were. Just my opinion

Jon Pisano
Phila. P.D. retired

Troy Davis Dead at 11:08 PM EST

From The Guardian

The execution of Troy Davis in Georgia amid overwhelming evidence that he might have been innocent was greeted by protesters outside the prison with tears, prayers and a pledge to continue the fight against the death penalty.

The killing by lethal injection went ahead at 11.08pm ET, four hours after Davis had been scheduled to go to the chamber. Members of his family who had been waiting all day to hear whether there would be a last-minute stay of execution were immediately surrounded by supporters who had turned up in their hundreds to protest against what is being seen as one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice in recent US history.

More at the link...

Philadelphia Rally for Troy Davis Sept. 21, 2011

Photos on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/multilectical/sets/72157627600885969/

A last minute rally to free Troy Davis, just before his execution.

Troy was lynched by the state at 11:08pm tonight.