The "People's Sherriff" to ride horseback through Kensington

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Cheri Honkala has decided to ride horseback through Kensington on Monday, August 29 – after Hurricane Irene. Before attending, please call 215-923-3747 for additional updates or visit www.cherihonkala.com.

We need Cheri Honkala supporters tomorrow!!!

Cheri will be riding a horse through Kensington to promote her campaign. We have some new green Cheri Honkala for Sheriff t-shirts and we want to a lot of people wearing them. Please come and let others know too. It's going to be a blast.

We're also still looking for someone with a pickup truck if anyone has any leads.

Green Party Candidate focuses on "Protecting the Hood" & "Keeping Families in Their Homes"

Green Party candidate Cheri Honkala running for Sheriff of Philadelphia will be riding a horse through her neighborhood of Kensington on Saturday, August 27 at 11am. The campaign will be playing songs from Artists supporting her including political hip hop group Rebel Diaz, Yeye Organic Pop and more to promote the Cheri for Sheriff Party / Fund-raiser scheduled for September 14 at the Palladium. The candidate will be giving a press conference and taking questions from the press at the end of her ride.

Philadelphia Sheriff candidate Cheri Honkala

Riding a Horse through Kensington

From Kensington & Allegheny Avenues (riding on Allegheny)
o the Palladim (229 West Allegheny Avenue)

Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 11:00 am

For more information about the Cheri Honkala for Sheriff of Philadelphia campaign, please visit cherihonkala.com.

Yeye Organic Pop: Vota por Cheri

Jason Bosch
Chief of Staff
Cheri Honkala for Sheriff of Philadelphia
718 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
office: 215-923-3747
cell: 303-669-7286


I was hoping to post a more comprehensive article which is below

Scenes From the Old West, Future Sheriff Cheri Honkala rides horseback thru Kensington

Monday August 29 11AM sharp on Kennington Ave near Allegheny People’s Sheriff want-to-be Cheri Honkala is graduating from helping evicted families occupying abandoned buildings, and stopping Sheriff Sales of family occupied homes, to running on the Green Party ticket to be the future Sheriff. Honkala tea-shirts and Honkala for sheriff buttons and sheriff badges will be prevalent,

Ironically Wells Fargo when it took over Fidelity Bank corralled Mayor Nutter to ride on an old fashioned stage coach through center city.

Actually the history that is being repeated is much more substanatial. During the first depression people like Chreri Honkala blocked the sheriff from evicting families, and in the end states actually passed anti-eviction laws. This local activity enabled Roosevelt to have the ability to end the depression.

People cry for a strong willed Democrat or third partyer to take over from Obama to really fight the depression, but it will never happen unless there are successful local efforts across the country to build on.

Without the local worker and unemployed solidarity efforts during the first depression, blacks, whites and Hispanics would have been killing each other like was in South Africa and Israel-Palestine.

Local efforts will succeed or the race to the bottom will lead toward cannibalism.

Even if you were never homeless or never will be get involved in something inspirational or else the flash mob mentality will rule our world.

Traditionally in Pennsylvania Pittsburgh spared with Greater Philadelphia for political influence. In the next election
In Pennsylvania Ann Covey is running for PA Superior Court representing Business interests and to stop the court from making activist decisions is running against someone who represents civil liberties, and once actually was a legal aid attorney.

Philadelphia civil liberties and gay communities are scared of Anne Covey,
and want Kathy Boockvar to win,

In California in the last election Californians rushed to the election booth to to vote on whether or not they wanted pot and voted Democrat more than the rest of the country and Jerry Brown became Governor.

In Philadelphia in the next election, Philadelphia’s will flock to the polls and decide whether they want a people’s sheriff, and when there will vote in favor of Philadelphia area candidates rather than those who represent the Pittsburgh area.

What ever your politics if you prefer Philadelphia to Pittsburgh thank Cheri Honkala and the Green Party for their efforts.

Call 215-923-3747 for additional updates or visit www.cherihonkala.com