Big Mumia protests in NY but not Philly because we like to avoid the subject of race

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There is debate whether Philadelphians are too afraid of the police to protest about Mumia, like in NY or whether we are rednecks who want to see someone punished who wouldn't even face life imprisonment much less death in punishment hungry Saudi Arabia.

But as usual we Americans tend to mess things up by avoiding the subject of race. Strike up a casual conversation then mention Mumia. Avoidance rather than anger or fear will be the most likely response.

Our Silence Screams out Lies
Neither fear of the police or anger at Mumia is why the huge Mumia protests in LA and NY don't occur in Philly.
When I bring up Mumia in ordinary conversation, “Let’s not discuss tense racially polarizing subjects is the response,” but our silence screams out lies in both of the above directions, hurting tourist and convention trade, and since Mumia is now the number one Black critic of the Obama movement, giving white radicals queasy about opposing a black presidency permission to do so, our silence (if the election is otherwise close) will be messing up our country with a McCain presidency.
Mumia’s lawyer, according to Billy, Mumia's brother, spent hours talking to him without bothering to ask Billy to testify, but for some reason Billy never visits his brother in prison.  If Billy could testify that Officer Faulkner was cursing Mumia as he banged on Billy, everyone involved for different reasons would have liked to keep that little detail secret.
However 28 years later, Billy would never be arrested for what the prosecutor was keeping secret all along.
If Billy  dies before Mumia the courts were always unwilling to open up trials in that situation.  One lawyer told of his client who died actually committed the murder, but the courts refused to call it new information to prevent reopening of the thousands of cases where the wrong brother of gang brother was being punished. 
Ordinary Philadelphians and the ordinary press is spreading lies with our silence, while the Inquirer Daily News is spreading hate on its pages.
Richard Kane RichardKanePA@aol.com, prefer my email listed

Philadelphia Misunderstood When it Comes to Mumia
The Mumia abu Jamal controversy gives Philadelphia a bum wrap around the world and hear at home. 
Some say Philadelphians must be either terrified of the police or else must think he is guilty and want him punished since big Mumia demonstrations in Paris, NY and LA don’t occur here unless New Yorkers come down for a day of protest.  
If you visit Philadelphia or are under 35, and live in Philadelphia, please casually strike a conversation with an older Philadelphian.  Then bring up Move or Mumia.  Chances are you will hear “Let’s not discuss racially tense and polarizing subjects.”  
Mumia found a new niche condemning Obama’s Presidential campaign, claiming that since the US empire is finished, a black President at this point will mean that Blacks will be blamed the way a black mayors allowed to take office when the treasury is bare and the tax base gone, are blamed for a city’s plight.  Many white radicals don’t like Obama’s bring us all together rhetoric, fearing it means not standing up to conservatives or oppression.   But feel queasy about saying so, until a black man such as Mumia who can’t be accused of being an Uncle Tom gives them permission to say so.  Some think Mumia being articulate under the worse possible working conditions makes his views all but the gospel truth, while others think he should be dead and thus have no right to an opinion and thus won’t challenge his opinions besides an insult.  
Philadelphians overwhelmingly don’t want to discuss the subject of race.  But some Mumia supporters claim we are being terrorized by the police into silence.  Or else we want to see someone famous around the world dead?  Someone whose accused circumstances of arrest, would only lead death in China (not even in punishment loving Saudi Arabia).  Rednecks out for Mumia’s blood.  A place where tourists and conventions avoid visiting.  Of course not.  But only if Philadelphians who want to avoid race as an issue would clearly say so, not let Mumia diehards or the Capital Punishment lobby talk for Philadelphia. 
Billy, Mumia’s brother several affidavits claimed that Tony Jackson, (who by the way was my lawyer too) spent hours talking to him and his mother at his mother’s high rise public housing apartment, without asking him to testify, and strangely never visits his brother in prison. 
If Billy could have testified that Officer Faulkner was cursing about his brother while banging on Billy and his partner Kenneth Freeman, the prosecutor would fear the jury would have sympathized for his plight.  I remember a news story of the police storming Mumia’s mother’s apartment and in front of her neighbors urging her to stop Mumia’s stories about the police. 
Mumia claims he was in his cab all but ignoring the police stop in his real view mirror until he heard a shot, look back and saw his brother stagger, rushing to the scene he heard his brother scream, then a cop pointed a gun at him, and shot him.  Collapsed into unconscious then waking up to cops beating on him.  Then spent his entire trial, when not gagged, claiming a massive conspiracy where a police officer was sacrificed to stop Mumia’s writings on oppression and police abuse.  Mumia if you really had no idea what happened finally say so.  He screwed up his trial and all his gung-ho supporters and opponents are screwing up our justice system and our country’s image. 
Come on Mumia you can mention your brother now without him getting arrested for what the prosecutor already knew 28 years ago. 
Now back to Mumia’s two articles or radio talks on Obama and one praising Hillary after she dropped out instead of before she dropped out like Philadelphia’s mayor and several other Black leaders did.      
Yes Mumia the US empire is declining and between 2008 and 2012 will probably be when it becomes crystal clear.  However the British Empire has been declining for generations yet Brits still eat, when Ancient Rome collapsed, crime, chaos and starvation was rampant.  Maybe there will be a depression despite Obama’s best efforts to stop it, and not only he but to a certain extent Blacks in general will be blamed.  But McCain claim that America will stand by its friends around the world could make the depression far worse, even if Venezuela, Cuba and Iran start slowly backing down rather than fighting with the US.  During the last depression Mexicans were sent back to Mexico their legal American children sent back along with them.  The love affair between McCain and Hispanics seems to be warning.  But if only a slight majority support Obama, right-wing Cubans cheering McCain’s victory and expecting to be going home in style, like the Iraqi Congress in Exile did, could lead to massive blame on Hispanics for an oncoming depression, far worse then the blame on Blacks if Obama won.  And a depression far worse than with Obama’s intelligent efforts to stop it.  Only if Hispanics don’t vote for McCain, and he wins anyway, might we have a united working class revolution, people like you dream of.
The word is on a worldwide race to the bottom as one country after another cuts wages and working conditions to compete better.  Roosevelt and Johnson fought against it.  And to a certain extent Kennedy, Carter, and perhaps Eisenhower and Ford resisted as well.  Reagan cut wages, safety conditions and environmental concern to give the US a temporary economic squirt.  There was no union organizing under Clinton giving wages a downward pull and the economy a temporary squirt as well.
If the downward spiral of lower wages and working conditions continue endlessly on eventually on thieves will be robbing vegetables from window gardens until only cannibals could survive.  Cuba and Venezuela offer a glimmer of hope against this endless downward spiral.  McCain’s polices are fixated on Hispanics and challenging Castro and Chavez   If the only thing Obama accomplishes is to allow Cuba and Venezuela some breathing room, there is hope that the endless spiral of lower and lower wages and working conditions won’t continue endlessly on.   
Richard Kane  Prefer as a slant editorial with email included.  RichardKanePA@aol.com
Links Follow:
"Is Obama's Victory Ours" 6/5/08 by Mumia,  http://www.phillyimc.org/en/node/68867
Rejecting the Church Pew" 6/1/08 by Mumia,  http://www.phillyimc.org/en/node/68915
In the primaries some Black leaders praised Hillary, now that she drops out Mumia does,
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Mumia's statement,  http://www.chicagofreemumia.org/begin.html
Arnold Beverly may have not told the truth about killing Faulkner but clearly had inside information,
Arnold Howard's drivers license in Faulkner's pocket,  
Mumia hater had doubts that Mumia did it,
Chuck (Charles Sims) Africa part of the Move 9 that Mumia upset the police with by his vigorous exposes of police and court abuse, is up for parole, possible consideration starting in August ‘08,  
Other details,

  Richard Kane is a retired Philadelphian.  Lived once on Winter Street near the first Move back-to-nature commune.  Later on 45th Street near their later Kingsessing Av. address.  Janitorial work at Gar Properties and Weisethethal Properties gave frequent contact as well.  Always wanted to be a writer and found Mumia very inspiring when he volunteered to help Community underground Newspaper.  A recovering Luddite, Richard found John Africa’s vision of returning to the natural way and loving all life to be somewhat inspirational.  And actually tired to follow it, but unlike the first Move commune allowed the exterminator in. 
  Richard was outside the barricades at the first Philadelphia Move confrontation.  Received a 6 to 23 month sentence for supposedly obstructing justice during that confrontation.  After turning down a suspended sentence because he felt he deserved a medal for stopping a race riot.  In hindsight, I made the little kids with their bicycles who were screaming baby killers at the police laugh when after they demanded the Black cop come across the street with his people then demanded that I cross the street to be with mine.  Officer Magazzo who later claimed I blocked the arrest of the firecracker thrower, was menacing his club at me warning me not to cross.  And I successfully hammed things up to the kids cooled down.  However I had nothing to do with the removal of all the kid’s bicycles and some of the kids before police on horseback charged after Officer Ramp was killed. 
The real heroes were Wallis Mohamad and a group of followers who came together and yelled “get your woman and kids off the street.”  This stopped Philadelphia and in other incidents, other cities as well where the Black Muslim’s dragged and carried the kids off the street from resembling former South Africa, and current Israel-Palestine.  Dead children were a huge source of anger over there. 
  I make Pam and Mario Africa nervous but Romama Africa appreciates me a lot, but thanking supporters may just be a blur in her life rather than distinguishing between them.  Contact with Move’s new generation has only been brief.   The Delaware County Times had two very similar articles by me the Center City Weekly allowed only one article on Mumia by me, and 20 years ago. I had an extended article in the Friends Journal.    
  Someone who isn’t part of a major choir or intrenched lobby group like myself, has real trouble being heard.      
by Richard Kane,  prefer my email be published with article.  RichardKanePA@aol.com,


More Racist Bullshit

Mumia isn't in jail because he is black, the bastard is there because he is a murderer. I know that you racist pieces of shit are trying to make it a black/white thing, but that is just what racists do. Mumia pulled the trigger, now they need to pull the lever on him. This has nothing to do with polarizing racial topics whatsoever, even though you want to make it that way.

Responding to the accusation of racism, and that I am spreading

Excuse me Mr. Anonymous, Mumia’s parents were married, thus he isn’t a bastard, since a bastard is a child of an unwed mother. Mumia’s sister said Mumia was called the little nerd because he always had a book in his face. He used to sit on the steps reading to other little kids.

A child, always with a book in his face, was clearly was going places regardless of skin color or which county he happened to live in. The latest author on Mumia, J. Patrick O'Connor, was extremely impressed with Mumia before he was ever accused of killing someone, long before Patrick made a name for himself as a writer and publisher.

True, the anti-capital punishment lobby likes to claim that mostly minorities on death-row has something to do with racism, and death penalty advocates, like yourself, claim that this claim is racist. But the anti-death penalty lobby isn’t involved anymore and none of the recent books and articles on Mumia emphasize racism.

To me it’s ironic that Mumia, once a nerd, would find John Africa an illiterate handymen inspirational. Or that the Move children today would be hooked on My Space, and that the only way to contact the once nature sect is though the internet.

In a normal trial where the police didn’t bother to conduct a powder test to see if Mumia fired a gun would be automatic reasonable doubt. In a recent trial where the government accused someone of giving secrets to China, where the government claims not to have conducted a analysis of the handwriting of the documents he reportedly signed, and the accuse was a forger who was embezzling funds from the defendant using a false signature, the defendant was declared not guilty and the government fined by the judge. The only reverse racism of Mumia supporters is not supporting those the government tried or succeeded to frame on white collar crimes.

Mr. Anonymous, it you actually met Mumia you would find he doesn’t look down on ignorant people like yourself, something surprising for someone who once always had a book in his face.

Mr. Anonymous, please honor Officer Faulkner’s memory is some other way besides framing Mumia.


Mumia comments

First, there was no large demo if any in Philadelphia for the convicted affirmed murderer Mumia due to the fact most people & Media in Phila. believe he is a murderer, reviewed and held as fact by many Judges and Justices over the years. Also let me state it was 2 of my co-workers who arrested mumia 30 to 45 SECONDS after he killed Officer Faulkner. You also state no powder tests were done on Mumia's hands indicating he had fired a weapon. Well, the test would have been invalid due to the struggle at apprehension, which would require his hands be covered Next, there have been, over the years, several "versions" as to who murdered Officer Faulkner. Did you forget Beverly? Do you believe the latest book that states Freeman did it?
What about Billy Cook, a DIRECT witness to the killing who stated that fateful morning " I ain't got nothing to do with this"...not my brother Mumia is innocent or someone else did it. Logic and overwhelming eye witness testimony are the key. Your FACTUAL comments?

Stakeout Vet,Graduate of the 78 MOVE confrontation and a personal friend of Officer Ramp, murdered by MOVE

Amnesty International say the lack of a powder test is sugnifica

Amnesty International claims that no powder test on Mumia’s hands or test to see if his gun was fired was significant, or does Amnesty make up lies about such countries as China and Egypt as well?

Scrawl down to “The ballistics evidence”

Many of Mumia’s acquaintances including myself thought he fired in distress. Only when Beverly came forward (lying or not) and claimed he killed Faulkner, and Mumia fired his attorney and acting like that confession totally changed Mumia’s perception of what happened and Move also stopped claiming it was all a conspiracy against them, did I finally realize Mumia had nothing to do with shooting anyone. By the way Donald Hersing’s affidavit documented that there was a FBI sting and police officers who talked to the feds about corruption lives were in danger.

Affidavit 5,

My theory is that Billy shot Faulkner and that the persecutor was scared that the jury would sympathize with Billy if Billy testified that Faulkner was cursing Mumia as he was striking Billy, and some of the other harassment Mumia’s relatives faced.

And I think both brothers watched Faulkner executed with a final shot because a retired police officer could testify against corruption much more freely. And for the police department to defend Faulkner shooting Mumia, then later condemning him, accusing him of lying about corruption wouldn’t do.

Why doesn’t someone look up Daniel Faulkner under the Freedom of Information Act?

Anyway I don’t like Mumia’s Presidential politics. His insight that the US empire is over, is I think accurate, but people like him don’t note that Brittan had been declining without the English greatly suffering like the Ancient Romans did.



AI is correct in that hand tests should be done on hands for powder residue IF POSSIBLE but it CANNOT and should not be done if those hands were corrupted, as in the Mumia case ie:struggle, blood, touching clothing etc. Now as to testing the gun, registered to Mumia who also had a shoulder holster on, what would you suggest...sniffing the gun?. The gun had 5 SPENT SHELLS...of course it was fired and the bullet fragments in Faulkners body were consistent with lands and grooves of a Charter Arms revolver. As to Hersings affidavit, it has NOTHING to do with the murder of Faulkner. Just smoke and a deflection submitted by the defense. As to CFM comments, man you are really out there. Read the true FACTS at Daniel Faulkner.com Lest y'all forget..Mumia was apprehended within 30 to 45 SECONDS after he killed Faulkner and good old Billy stated "I ain't got nothing to do with this". Y'all need to learn the truth...Mumia is a convicted AFFIRMED proven murderer. Now try again with your twisted logic.

Justice for Police Officer Daniel Faulkner
Justice for X MOVE member John Gilbride

Philadelphias seem to give us different answers

This is RichardKanePA again:

Officer John Di Zio, you claim that people tell you that Mumia is guilty, and am sure that’s the case. However a man wrote in article in a Philadelphia neiborhood paper where he stated that he asked different progressive groups to do more for Mumia and they answered that if they did their contributors “would face extreme pressure” to stop giving them money. I know that writer and know he doesn’t lie. Somehow people tell me “Let’s not discuss racially polarizing subjects”.

If we are all telling the truth than no one wants to tell us that they have too many problems of their own to worry about Mumia or “that nut should have gotten a hair cut”, “put on a tie”, and said what his lawyer told him to say. Or else self righteous N’s belong in jail or should be hanged, guilty or not. So I now realize that I or no one else knows what Philadelphia as a whole thinks, until an unbiased poll taker asks, and someone manages to guess at racist views people don’t like to publically state, but don’t mind express in private or when voting. A lot of rebellious kids, even in Philadelphia, find Mumia inspiring, of course some rebellious skinheads don’t. But skinheads and neo-Nazis are being chased away from the anti-Mumia cause.

Somehow, you tied in justice for John Gilbride, to suggest a dark preplanned agenda to kill people. Any truly firm back to nature organization wouldn’t have allowed him to have a child by artificial insemination. And either his killers were all police informants or the police wiretaps that were supposed to prove Move guilty instead showed Move members on tape expressing shock that Gilberth was dead instead of too sick from salmonella poisoning or something to show up at the unsupervised court mandated visitation excursion the court ordered.

The so-called real world we live actually resembles the Twilight Zone; John Gilbert’s friends won’t find out who killed him until they start investigating the government to find out what it is hiding.

Meanwhile, Michael Schiffman finally (a year back, emailed me back other than general capital punishment info.) stating that he originally thought I was an anti-Mumia plant, Hans has been sabotaging me, Romona has been extremely friendly but refuses to say more, but maybe has an automatic warm thank you for supporters while she routinely refuses to waist time in discussions, assigned by lack of immediate family considerations to only deal with outside Eastern PA.

Besides having to hassle Hans, the Metro turned my Voices editorial proposal around giving more ammo to those who think that wondering about Mumia’s brother is actually being against Mumia. What I didn’t write but what my name was stuck on is enclosed. I would like to sue but am not a lawyer. Besides the July 15 page 18, letter by me that I didn’t write was a next days issue page 12, response to it that made me even more upset and embarrassed,
http://www.readmetro.com/show/en/Philadelphia/20080715/1/18/ readmetro.com/show/en/Philadelphia/20080716/1/12/