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The real story behind Mumia's death row saga: Challenging the rat race

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Many Philadelphians want to avoid talking about Mumia and Move thinking to do so causes unnecessary tension.

This gets spun by punishment advocates that Philly overwhelmingly wants Mumia and Move punished

Challenging the rat race!
The real story behind Mumia abu Jamal’s death row saga, and the Move 9.

Mumia and the Move 9, conjures up two images, Victims of racism, who heroically are resisting their victimization, or crafty, guilty prisoners who are skillfully using the media to weasel out of their justly deserved punishment.  I think both Mumia and Move could better be described as eco-prisoners even though they never torched any homes being constructed in the wilderness.  Move thought that by proving one could live in the middle of a city without relying on civilization, the people driving by gapping would eventually wake of to the fact that civilization was enslaving them and would join them.  At one point when a man with dreadlocks would walk past a mostly black elementary school, the kids would run to the fence shouting “on the Move” so Move’s challenge to civilization wasn’t total delusion.

It is claimed that Philadelphians want Mumia and Move punished, vs overwhelming local oppression is silencing Mumia supporters.   Actually most Philadelphia’s think it’s best to avoid talking about the above so as not to create any more racial tension, this gets spun by capital punishment advocates into locals want them punished. 

I find something extremely ironic in the argument over whether Mumia and Move is fighting racism or spreading it.  Vincent Leaphart was part of an interracial couple, and fighting or spreading racism was the last thing on his mind either before or after he thought he conversed with an ancient spirit he refereed to as John Africa.  Before he met or thought he met John Africa, Vincent spent a lot of time listening to classical music and wearing sharp clean clothing which interfered with his employment as an on-call handyman.  One day with or without the help of John Africa he decided he was a total slave to civilization, which had somehow convinced him that in order to be important he had to prove he was better than those around him.  He then set out to free the rest of us slaves from our bondage.  He opposed all isms communism, capitalism, racism etc as delusions civilization uses to divide us from our fellow creatures, both people and animals.

At this point I guess I should say who I am.   I lived on Winter Street near where Move used to have their first house and car wash.  I met Mumia at Community underground newspaper where us volunteers were flabbergasted that a real reporter and commentator actually joined our staff.  I am a recovering Luddite, at first very scared of such things as computers.  As a child dreamed of being a forest ranger, and spent most of my life doing janitorial work, and am now amazed that I am actually enslaved by a d---- computer screen.  At one point tried to be an eco-pacifist but was scared that if I didn’t let the exterminator in I would be evicted.  But on later visits by the exterminator actively betrayed my fellow creatures by telling the exterminator to spray under the refrigerator.  So I actually wishfully honor Move’s original desire not to betray the neighborhood rats.



Total bullshit

These trash are not victims of anything. Mumia's victim is dead. The move 9 are just racist thugs.