In politics, sex sells

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The mass media's tabloid-like emphasis on a possible romantic relationship between John McCain and a female lobbyist seems to have distracted a lot of people from the real issue - one of ethics and the corruption that so often takes place in Washington when politicians and lobbyists get too friendly.

Advertisers know that sex sells. So they use it liberally to push all kinds of products into our shopping carts.

The media also know that sex sells. So they use it liberally in their coverage of U.S. politics.

A case in point is the new John McCain lobbyist scandal. The New York Times reported recently that McCain's aides became concerned during the 2000 presidential campaign because they thought McCain was spending too much seemingly cozy time with lobbyist Vicki Iseman.

The mass media's tabloid-like emphasis on a possible romantic relationship between McCain and Iseman seems to have distracted a lot of people from the real issue -- one of ethics and the corruption that so often takes place in Washington when politicians and lobbyists get too friendly. The Larry Craig incident aside, I doubt that this McCain story would have gotten as much mileage if McCain had been spending a lot of time with a male lobbyist rather than an attractive female one.

Former President Bill Clinton knows what it's like. The House of Representatives actually voted to impeach him for a sexual relationship. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the Senate acquitted him two months later. This was only the second time in U.S. history that a president had been impeached. And for what? For sex!

Conservatives may argue that it wasn't the sex, it was the fact that Clinton lied about it. But what man -- indeed, what person -- hasn't at some point lied about sex?

Monica Lewinsky did not put this nation at risk. And Congress has since let much more heinous misconduct by the Bush administration slip by without breaking a sweat.

I don't care if Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Bill Clinton's sex life is not my business. It does not affect me.

When Clinton was president, I was much more enraged by things like Clinton's support for NAFTA and the Telecommunications Act. Unlike Clinton's sex life, those things did -- and still do -- have an effect the average American.

Likewise, John McCain's possible philandering is not my business. That's the business of John McCain and his immediate family. It does not affect me.

What does affect me is the revelation that John McCain's platform of ethics is just so much hot air.

But then, one should not be surprised. It's politics, after all. And it's only a little thing called corruption. It's not nearly as interesting as sex.

And sex -- not ethics -- is what sells newspapers and air time.

What does this say about the emotional maturity of the American public? And could that explain -- at least in part -- why our country is in such a mess?

Mary Shaw is a Philadelphia-based writer and activist, with a focus on politics, human rights, and social justice. She is a former Philadelphia Area Coordinator for the Nobel-Prize-winning human rights group Amnesty International, and her views appear regularly in a variety of newspapers, magazines, and websites. Note that the ideas expressed here are the author's own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Amnesty International or any other organization with which she may be associated. E-mail: mary@maryshawonline.com



Queen Mother Falaka Fattah
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Men offer life lessons about sacrifice. Quietly and unceremoniously, Men who are Fathers throughout our global village place their own personal dreams on a shelf, and work at back-breaking, spirit-numbing, and for many – very dangerous jobs -- so that their children can have access to economic and educational opportunities that they themselves could only dream of. Men will walk through fire for their children, if that is what it takes to keep food on the table for them, a roof over their heads, and clothes on their backs. Many of these Men – after completing a grueling day at work, return home and play an active role not only in the positive emotional, intellectual, and psychological development of their own children, but also mentor other children and serve as coaches of neighborhood basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and hockey teams. And when asked by their country to serve in their nation’s military and defend their country in an armed conflict thousands of miles away from their families, Men quietly and unceremoniously answer the call, not knowing whether they will return to the families they are leaving behind. Sadly, a number of these men never return. These men have made the ultimate sacrifice. They have given their lives in defense of their country.

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So what else is new in the world of dirty politics today

I'm a former reporter now out for revenge, who asked the wrong question at the right time & got caned...blacklisted

The surface man

These sex scandals are just a way of diverting the public's "short span attention" away from the real issues of the day... Yes, we have been cursed with some of the worst politicians in the last four+ decades. Evil men & women who crave absolute power & the great riches manipulating weaker minds brings... Every living creature with the ability to reason? Thus, think "Independently" has a reason to be worried...

Look what's happening right now with that (most convenient to the Obama clan) oil spill fiasco in the Gulf... I personally see it as 100% criminal... Yes, a conspiracy if you will to keep this terrible environmental crisis going indefinitely...

It seems as though every time a reporter (gets a little backbone,like I did!) An asks a really tough question of some sleaze bag politician, they first get a blank stare! (Like DOA dudes) then some off the wall answer riddled in pure gibberish (non-sensible trike) that obviously confuses them even more...

Fact, from experience... If enough reporters keep asking that same most irritating question too this particular high ranking above the law politician...If he or she finds it most offensive (Barney Frank comes to mind here folks) After all it is customary for any politician too "lie cheat & steal from his brain-dead constituents...Let's face it man... There's no truth in them, not a one)

I've seen this many times firsthand too... Now dig! You antagonize one of these power mad jerks & you'll find yourself in hot water every time... I've seen brave reporters literally put out to pasture because they attempted to uncover some possible political corruption that (unfortunately for them,,, career wise) involved some of the most powerful individuals to ever hold political office... These foolhardy reporters were first threatened (status quo kiddies) to either shut up, or face some most unpleasant disciplinary actions = fired outright with no explanation, BYE BYE Charlie!!!...Or they're arrested & put in jail. WHY? I'll tell you why,,,Go-ahead threaten to expose that widespread corruption out there & see where it lands you... People it's impossible, believe me as one who knows... Your hands are tied when you work for a big-time new service that is "corporate" owned and operated...
Dudes,take your pick for the spin does not stop here man...

CBS MSNBC Fox CNN C-span? Yes C-span perhaps one of the biggest government controlled propaganda machines ever...

All under corp control? Yes, by definition (governmental-guidance & protocols) GGPs global standards' just another word for absolute control over (X-R?) ...

Naturally, when some big-shot vermin's back is against the wall. & there's no other way to go other than too answer some embarrassing questions that might cause an undesirable effect on one's political career...You can always find some bimbo who claims she was raped by this most despicable man... It never fails to amaze me how gullible people can be...I mean: bad enough to fool somebody a few times before they catch on...But; fooling them every time is just a little too much gullibility...Unfortunately, sex scandals work every time...

Few people realize this fact, It even worked with JFK & of course Bill (can't control his Willie?) Clinton too... Especially Clinton? A another corrupt scumbag who made it possible for Communist China to get some highly classified technical data on some pretty nasty advanced weaponry? Yes, even US presidents can be unscrupulous dirt-bags too...if the price is right! Good going you treasonous dog, you should be paying for that traitorous act by rotting in some filthy overcrowded prison cell...fat chance of that ever happening to a Clinton...

Now we have Mr.inconvenient truth/lie... Big Al Gore under the spotlight once again... I mean, if it wasn't bad enough that his global warming con job backfired right in his lying face. Now this billionaire jerk who should be occupying a prison cell is accused of raping some bimbo who probably gave willingly anyway... This last ditch action obviously engineered to divert everybody's attention away from some other corrupt scandal jazz...

I seriously doubt that our people will ever wake up, just as long as that government issued welfare check & those food stamps arrive on time each and every month.... (gotcha under my spell now) As for the rest of us who work hard for a living... Relying on "nobody" but ourselves for everything we have in life... As history dictates like it did with the fall of Rome and a few other short-lived world empires... We will be the first to suffer thy consequences of thy politician's criminal actions...

Wow,,, that sounded kinda pathetic didn't it? i was trying to be "prophetic" all well I guess nobody's perfect, except our President????????????????

Gotcha again!