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  • LaInteligentsia (Crossposted from Occcupy Philly Media) | 03-31

    When Occupy Philly protesters walked into court today (05 Mar 2013), they received the vindication they needed to continue their fight against corporate greed and government corruption. They were found not guilty of criminal conspiracy and defiant trespass for their part in a bank action that took place at Wells Fargo in Philadelphia in November of 2011 during the beginning of the occupy movement. These bank actions not only happened in Philadelphia but in cities all across the country such as New York, Oakland, DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Boston as part of a national strategy to inform the American public that banks such as Wells Fargo had engaged in criminal, unjust business practices.
  • Walden Bello | 03-09

    I’ll miss Hugo. When I first was introduced to him in Porto Alegre in 2003, he greeted me, “Mi padre,” and said he learned a lot from me. I was dubious about this and thought he was simply buttering me up, like any two-bit politician. Then he started telling me what he learned from Development Debacle, Deglobalization, and Dark Victory. I was stupefied; the guy actually read my stuff!
  • Stephen Lendman | 03-02

    He's one of America's best. He risked great personal harm. He did so to expose vital truths. He's a true American hero. He deserves praise, not prosecution. In February 2012, Movement of the Icelandic Parliament (MIP) members nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize. They felt compelled to recognize his important contribution to world peace. They called nominating him a "great honor." They're indebted for what he did. He deserves Washington's Presidential Medal of Freedom. (3)
  • Bread & Roses | 02-18

    Dear friend,
    Bread & Roses is committed to helping organizers strengthen the work that they do. That's why Bread & Roses is once again partnering with the Philly Trainers' Collaborative (PTC).
    PTC is a collectively run group of people working to build skills together. Their next workshop will pilot 2-3 experiential learning training techniques that other trainers can use.
    Sign up and learn more below.
    Yours truly,
    Ray Murphy
    director of communications & online strategy
  • Interview by Angola 3 News | 02-15

    Longtime activist Nancy Kurshan’s new book, 'Out of Control: A Fifteen Year Battle Against Control Unit Prisons,' has just been released by the Freedom Archives. The book documents the work of The Committee to End the Marion Lockdown, which she co-founded in 1985.
  • Mark Vorpahl | 02-12

    Spurred by real urgency over the corporate driven ruin of the environment, a growing social movement is taking shape that will be on display this Sunday, February 17, when tens of thousands descend on the streets of Washington, D.C. in a show of power titled “Forward On Climate.”
  • Shamus Cooke | 02-07

    The Great Recession has quietly devastated public services on a state-by-state basis, with Republican and Democratic governors taking turns leading the charge. Public education has been decimated, as well as health care, welfare, and the wages and benefits of public sector workers. The public sector itself is being smashed. Since the recession began, states have made combined austerity cuts of at least $337 billion, according to the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities.
  • Stephen Lendman | 01-27

    At perhaps the most perilous time in world history, exposing vital truths takes on greater urgency than ever. Freedom in America is endangered. Truth telling and dissent increasingly aren't tolerate. Whistleblowers are called threats to national security. The ACLU says "leak detection, prevention, and punishment is cause for alarm."
  • Kourosh Ziabari | 01-21

    Interview conducted by Iranian journalist Kourosh Ziabari with Mark Vorpahl. A: While there are many complex answers to what caused the current economic recession in my country, the answer boils down to a simple point. Workers, that is the vast majority of people in the US, were being paid far too little for their labor to continue to buy the goods that were being sold. Their wages, when indexed to the cost of living, had not increased in thirty years, and in fact were declining. That is a long time to go without a real raise.
  • Rich Gardner | 01-14

    Columnist, former speechwriter for the elder George Bush and frequent talk-show guest Peggy Noonan urges conservatives "Now's the time to put a dagger 'tween their teeth, wave a sword, grab a rope and swing aboard the enemy's galleon. Take the president's issues, steal them--they never belonged to him, they're yours!" ... "Really, it's pirate time." Essentially, Noonan urges right-wingers to take a page from the Democratic playbook and to stand for the little guys, the working and middle classes, against the rich. How's that working out for Republicans? (1)
  • Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer | 01-13

    The attacks on the public domain, particularly public education, social services, and the public sector unions that are linked to these services, are coming in rapid-fire succession, sometimes in an overwhelming barrage where the victims have little time to comprehend what is happening and respond effectively.
  • Stephen Lendman | 12-30

    America's political process is lawless, corrupt and dysfunctional. Fiscal cliff hype, noise and theater continue. Destroying fundamental civil society social protections aren't mentioned. Rushed through legislation targeted Iran's growing Latin American influence. On December 28, Obama signed the Countering Iran in Western Hemisphere Act. It requires the State Department to "address Iran's growing hostile presence and activity." Washington wants the Islamic Republic shut out of the region entirely. It wants it isolated globally.
  • Mumia Abu Jamal | 12-24

    Form every TV and radio news broadcast, the words, `fiscal cliff' are being mentioned, in a tone and frequency of dread and fear. Listeners, viewers and readers can sense the dread and faux fear, but little clarity arises from the dust. What is the fiscal cliff? It is a political creation – made by Congress itself, as a self- made rule to force agreement (but really to blackmail political opponents), or else massive cuts will be automatically made in defense, social services and other government programs. (10)
  • Akbayan (Citizens Action Party) | 12-20

    Akbayan Party-list joins the Filipino people in celebrating our historic victory in the passage of the Reproductive Health bill in the second reading of the House of Representatives. Through Representatives Walden Bello and Kaka Bag-ao, Akbayan reiterated the voice of the people when it voted for life, choice, and reproductive health rights. We join the people in enjoying the fruit of more than a decade of struggle—a long and arduous journey towards the enactment of a law that will uphold and safeguard their right to a better future. Finally, after years of perseverance, the people have emerged triumphant.
  • Rich Gardner | 12-15

    Since the 1970s, the Republican Party has fallen increasingly under the influence of radical ideologues, whose goal is nothing less than the elimination of the welfare state — that is, the whole legacy of the New Deal and the Great Society.