Mumia Abu Jamal gets contact visit

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SCI Mahanoy, February 2, 2012. Mumia Abu-Jamal celebrates his move off of death row with Heidi Boghosian and Professor Johanna Fernandez.

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This was Mumia's second contact visit in 30 years. His transfer to general population comes after a federal court ruled that instructions to jurors during his trial influenced them to choose death. A broad people's movement secured this victory, and it can now refocus on the goal of freedom. Join us on April 24, Mumia's birthday, as we Occupy the Justice Department in Washington, DC!



that photo makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. Smiling faces with a proven and affirmed murderer of another human being. Great going ladies...you just lowered yourselves.

Jon Pisano
Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner
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jon peppers is an idiot

do u even know the facts? or do u blindly post links? idiot.

re: Geee

I'm worried that Mr. Pisano and others who read his post might not have taken the time to read the linked article by Johanna Fernandez. Her second paragraph directly addresses the point that people convicted of crimes and living behind bars remain human beings with warm, fuzzy and meaningful emotions just like those of us on the outside. There are quite a lot of humans behind bars in this country, so to actually believe otherwise would be quite an assertion indeed. I will paste the text by Ms. Fernandez below to make it easier for people to read it.


Our Contact Visit With Mumia by Johanna Fernandez
from http://prisonradio.wordpress.com/2012/02/04/our-contact-visit-with-mumia...

Comrades, Brothers and Sisters:

Heidi Boghosian and I just returned from a very moving visit with Mumia. We visited yesterday, Thursday, February 2. This was Mumia’s second contact visit in over 30 years, since his transfer to General Population last Friday, Jan 27. His first contact visit was with his wife, Wadiya, on Monday, January 30.

Unlike our previous visits to Death Row at SCI Greene and to solitary confinement at SCI Mahanoy, our visit yesterday took place in a large visitor’s area, amidst numerous circles of families and spouses who were visiting other inmates.  Compared to the intense and focused conversations we had had with Mumia in a small, isolated visiting cell on Death Row, behind sterile plexiglass, this exchange was more relaxed and informal and more unpredictably interactive with the people around us…it was more human.  There were so many scenes of affection around us, of children jumping on top of and pulling at their fathers, of entire families talking intimately around small tables, of couples sitting and quietly holding each other, and of girlfriends and wives stealing a forbidden kiss from the men they were there to visit (kisses are only allowed at the start and at the end of visits). These scenes were touching and beautiful, and markedly different from the images of prisoners presented to us by those in power. Our collective work could benefit greatly from these humane, intimate images.

When we entered, we immediately saw Mumia standing across the room. We walked toward each other and he hugged both of us simultaneously. We were both stunned that he would embrace us so warmly and share his personal space so generously after so many years in isolation. 

He looked young, and we told him as much. He responded, “Black don’t crack!”  We laughed.

He talked to us about the newness of every step he has taken since his release to general population a week ago. So much of what we take for granted daily is new to him, from the microwave in the visiting room to the tremor he felt when, for the first time in 30 years, he kissed his wife.  As he said in his own words, “the only thing more drastically different than what I’m experiencing now would be freedom.” He also noted that everyone in the room was watching him.

The experience of breaking bread with our friend and comrade was emotional. It was wonderful to be able to talk and share grilled cheese sandwiches, apple danishes, cookies and hot chocolate from the visiting room vending machines.

One of the highlights of the visit came with the opportunity to take a photo. This was one of the first such opportunities for Mumia in decades, and we had a ball! Primping the hair, making sure that we didn’t have food in our teeth, and nervously getting ready for the big photo moment was such a laugh! And Mumia was openly tickled by every second of it. 

When the time came to leave, we all hugged and were promptly instructed to line up against the wall and walk out with the other visitors. As we were exiting the prison, one sister pulled us aside and told us that she couldn’t stop singing Kelly Clarkson’s line “some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.” She shared that she and her parents had followed Mumia’s case since 1981 and that she was overjoyed that Mumia was alive and in general population despite Pennsylvania’s bloodthirsty pursuit of his execution.  We told her that on April 24 we were going to launch the fight that would win Mumia’s release: that on that day we were going to Occupy the Justice Department in Washington DC. She told us that because she recently survived cancer she now believed in possibility, and that since Mumia was now in general population she could see how we could win. She sent us off with the line from Laverne and Shirley’s theme song – “never heard the word impossible!”- gave us her number, and asked us to sign her up for the fight. 

We’re still taking it all in. The journey has been humbling and humanizing, and we are re-energized and re-inspired!!

In the words of City Lights editor, Greg Ruggiero:”

“Long Term Goal: End Mass Incarceration. 

Short Term Goal: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal!”

–Johanna Fernandez


You and the two "ladies" in this article dwell on the warmth and loving companionship, however brief, of the prisoners with their families yet no mention of that which was deprived to the Faulkner family...a loving kiss..a hug...nothing. Why, just look at the smiling faces of two women hugging a murderer who deprived Officer Faulkner of the joy and warmth of his family. Disgusting.

Jon Pisano
Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner

Somebody ran across a good commentary

from Mumia Abu-Jamal: "Why There is No Iran War on the Horizon"

From 2006, but still quite relevant.

An Image of the Victory That Has Already Been Won

Something very small and yet enormous happened this past week.

On Feb. 2, two women who have been fighting for the freedom of Mumia Abu-Jamal, filmmaker/professor Johanna Fernandez and Heidi Boghosian, executive director of the National Lawyers Guild, visited Abu-Jamal, as each has done in the past, but this time, because he has been moved off of death row, for the first time since 1995, he was able to greet them with a hug–free of leg shackles and handcuffs.

More at Counterpunch


wisdom from a book $eller

Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner .com for the TRUE facts regarding Mumia Abu jamal and the execution of Officer Daniel Faulkner

Jon Pisano, Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner

"Disgusting" would better describe killer cop Pigsano.

Officer Pisano (a/k/a Peppers) proudly participated in the MURDER of 11 human beings (including babies) when he and other Philadelphia cops attacked the MOVE house. As Pisano already knows (and as readers should know), Mumia Abu-Jamal did NOT kill Officer Faulkner -- Kenneth Freeman killed Faulkner, most likely in defense of Mumia, because FAULKNER WAS SHOOTING MUMIA. That's why the cops needed to tamper with evidence and coerce witnesses to have Mumia "proven" guilty of murder, and why the F.O.P. had to finance the election of former prosecuters as appellate judges to have Mumia's conviction "affirmed." Even the names of the F.O.P.'s fry-Mumia website and the F.O.P. lynch mob represented by Pisano's hate posts are LIES, because (1) the cops threatened to kill Mumia for reporting on police brutality BEFORE the Faulkner incident, (2) the cops already got their so-called "justice" (revenge) for Faulkner when the cops killed Freeman and (3) the cops' crocodile tears for Faulkner are nothing but an excuse for their racist vendetta against Mumia, which started in 1968! Free Mumia -- and jail killer cops!

Two corrections to previous post:

(1) The misspelling of Officer Pisano’s name in the heading was a Freudian slip. Sincere apologies to animal rights activists and to literal swine, who are much more honorable animals than lying, murderous cops.

(2) The reference to “former prosecuters” should have read “former prosecutors.” The meaning should be evident anyway, but it wouldn’t do to seem as illiterate as the white trash who wear blue uniforms during the day and white robes at night.


you better stop smoking that stuff...it's affecting your brain. " Faulkner was shooting Mumia"ahhh was that after MUMIA SHOT OFFICER FAULKNER IN THE BACK? As to Osage ave. I had nothing to do with that..I wasn't even there. Another fabrication is your mention of Freeman killing Officer Daniel Faulkner..I guess you forgot the bogus confession of Arnold Beverly...BOTH out and out fabrications. Actually..your post of 2/8 at 10:43 is ALL a pipe dream so have another toot and dream up some more lies to justify your fledging journalistic aspirations. Your clinging in support of the proven and affirmed murderer Mimia Abu Jamal is not helping your credentials.

Jon Pisano
Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner.com for the TRUE facts

He Should Already be Dead!!!

You know what as a former police officer and now a corrections officer, this miscreant should have been dead years ago. I am so sorry that the officer he cowardly killed didn't place two in his chest before he died. I am all about justice and the constitution, however, the Third Circuit made a grevious error in reversing the death sentence for this sub-human!!


Pisano and all the rest of the hate mongers upset that Mumia is now in general population, get over it. Mumia is more and always will be an innocent man who was framed for a murder he wouldn't even dream of committing. There isn't one piece of physical evidence to prove Mumia is guilt. Further, all of the witnessed who swore was the killer were coerced into making the statements they made. The cops and the prosecutor cooked up the evidence to get a conviction and the politicians who would sell their mother out to get elected and get paid, used Mumia get further in their career. Anyone still hating om Mumia because of what you think he did, should get a life and go sit down somewhere. Stupid is what stupid does.


the posting by Anon. who wouldn't give their name speaks volumes. Your ENTIRE post is not valid or FACTUAL. Just imagine ALL of the Police Officers involved and ALL of the District Attorneys Office and ALL of the State and Federal Courts combined...according to YOU...set up Mumia Abu Jamal. Get a life. If you truely believe mumia Abu Jamal did not execute Officer Daniel Faulkner...you are a fool led by fooled fools who cannot see the truth in front of them. Mumia Abu Jamal...convicted, proven and affirmed murderer and he will die in prison from old age...a better future than he gave Officer Daniel Faulkner

Jon Pisano
Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner.com for the TRUTH.

Abu-Jamal & Joe Pisano

The above postings are vintage Pisano/Peppers: never an argument, never a response to any argument, just repetition: "He did it, he did it, he did it. He should die, he should die, he should die." and if that is not possible, "He should rot, he should rot, he should rot."

When the courts exonerate people who had to linger on death row for decades or find Abu-Jamal's death sentence unconstitutional, they are stacked with liberals, bleeding hearts and socialists; when the same courts reject to deal with the massive evidence against the guilty verdict against Abu-Jamal, they are just wonderful and speak the gospel truth.

Even if somebody came along with an indubitably authentic video showing that Abu-Jamal did NOT shoot Faulkner, it's a safe bet that Peppers and his likes would still refuse to trust their lying eyes.

As for cops not being able to lie, Police Officers Gary Bell, Thomas Bray, and Gary Wakshul sullied their reputation forever by claiming to have heard Abu-Jamal loudly boasting about the deed - a claim first made two months or more AFTER the shooting!

And what is more, they were the only ones to "remember" this - out of a crowd of maybe twenty cops in the same room with them, the entrance hall of Emergency in Jefferson Hospital!

If someone, as Peppers/Pisano does, is able to believe this confession story, why argue with that person? All one can do, and that's what I'm trying here, is try to show that such people just don't qualify for discussion as they are blinded by hate or the need to firmly believe in a dogma or whatever else it is that makes them inaccessible to argument.

People who ARE open to argument should, by all means, turn to Pisano's source(s) but should not limit themselves to them. They will then discover that the pillars on which prosecutor McGill built his case against Abu-Jamal:

1) Confession
2) Alleged eyewitnesses
3) Presence of Abu-Jamal's gun next to the shooting scene

were and are all built on sand.

One doesn't need to be an Einstein to understand that in the case of the alleged confession.

And once one has internalized the daring thought that even cops are occasionally able to lie, the other two points fielded against Abu-Jamal also crumble.

I won't go into it here - for those interested, read the relevant chapters my book "Race Against Death. The Struggle for the Life and Freedom of Mumia Abu-Jamal." It's on the internet. And there are other excellent books, like the ones by Dave Lindorff and Daniel Williams that can give you a clue. (As a note: Do compare them to dull propaganda tracts such as "Mumia Abu-Jamal. The Patron Saint of American Cop Killers" by John Hayden or "Murdered by Mumia" by Maureen Faulkner and Michael Smerconish.)

One final comment: I'm always struck by the sadistic joy the Jon Pisanos seem to feel at the image of someone "getting the needle" or, short of that, having to die lonely in his cell (after that someone has already had to spent thirty years there).

At the same time, many of them are probably at least occasional churchgoers and see no contradiction there. As an atheist who grew up in a eligious tradition and who has tried to keep the best of it, I'd like to tell them what was taught to me: God does not want revenge, God wants redemption.

Even if in fact you do think someone is guilty, I think you need a heart of stone to get enraged to the point of throwing a tantrum merely by the news that the person you have chosen to eternally hate was able to touch another human being from outside prison for the first time in almost thirty years.


what are we going to do with you and your misguided postings. By the way...how are the book $ellings going since you mentioned them in your post. Your first paragraph is misquoted repetitive garbage.

As to your next paragraph, there was nothing "unconstitutional" in the Judges ruling. I believe the statement from the Courts was the Jury may have been confused as to instructions given to them...correct

Your next paragraph..."lying eyes" says volumes as to your desperate attempt to validate your book selling cause.

Your next paragraph..."cops lying" You deny their sworn testimony yet YOU and your cohort book sellers SWEAR by what a STENO stated she "heard" 20 YEARS AFTER THE FACT...now who is " blinded by hate" here Michael

Next: your- one- two three...did happen and an independent witness testified to same
#2-"alleged" eyewitnesses. NOT alleged but factual and NO Defense Attorney has been able to show/PROVE any different.

Your next comment as to "sadistic joy" is so far out there it can only appeal to those who do not understand this case..and FACTS...not "ideas" written for the purpose of selling books. The books, those which counter your PROPAGANDA regarding your staunch support of a convicted, proven and affirmed murderer can only be countered by TRUTHFUL books by Hayden and Maureen Faulkner, the wife of the Officer executed by Mumia Abu jamal

And your 'one final comment"..Sadistic joy..come on Michael...very dramatic B.S.. And yes...Jamal has spent 30 years alone...a better life than he gave Officer Daniel Faulkner.

AND as to your "religious/non religious"quote "God does not want revenge...God wants redemption"...YES...as soon a Mumia Abu Jamal admits he did murder Officer Daniel Faulkner THEN his (Jamal's) soul will be free

And your last paragraph regarding a heart of stone...unable to touch another human being...you forgot about the coldness of a grave...the grave of Officer Daniel Faulkner, placed there by Mumia Abu jamal who couldn't care less if Officer Daniel Faulkner felt the touch of another human being.

So Michael...who is the "cold sadistic" person here...not I for I support PROVEN justice and that said, Mumia Abu Jamal will die in prison from old age and, if he were a "special man" as you and your book seller friends make him out to be, he, Jamal , would admit that he, did in fact, murder Officer Faulkner...the term today is "Man-UP"

Good evening Michael
Jon Pisano
Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner for the TRUE facts.


Michael or your friend co- fledgling journalist INCLUDING those in teaching,(Temple comes to mind) here in the U.S...PLEASE tell us how I have NOT disputed the PROVEN and admitted evidence...and not YOUR or other book $ellers and " journalists" scenarios NOT PROVEN...but speculation. Come on Michael/ Hans/Ferendez/ Hide Bog/Washington...give US the FACTUAL truth...not what y'all THINK happened. Here is a question..DID ANY OF YOU EVER ASK JAMAL DIRECTLY if HE, Jamal. DID IN FACT SHOOT OFFICER FAULKNER and WAS THAT RESPONSE RECORDED

Jon Pisano
Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner.com for the true facts

American "Post Racial" Justice

February 8, 2012
(Jefferson City, MO) An 18-year-old Missouri teen, Alyssa Bustamante was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole and thirty years, Wednesday, for her self-described thrill killing of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten who she admitted killing in October 2009.

Bustamante who has previously described the slaying of Olten as an "ahmazing" and "enjoyable" thrill made an emotional plea before Cole County Circuit Judge Pat Joyce moments before she was sentenced for second-degree murder and armed criminal action saying ""I really am extremely, very sorry for everything. I know words can never be enough, and they can never adequately describe how horribly I feel for all of this" as she struggled to compose herself during her brief, but emotional plea.

According to court documents, Bustamante stabbed 9-year-old Olten in the chest, strangled her, cut her throat and then buried her in a shallow grave covered with leaves.

According to her diary, Bustamante described the killing "I just fucking killed someone. I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them now they're dead. I don't know how to feel atm [at the moment]." "It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the 'ohmygawd I can't do this' feeling, it's pretty enjoyable. I'm kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church now...lol", the teen would later write. Bustamante then went to a church dance while efforts to find Olten were underway.

Patty Priess, Olten’s mother who had previously called Bustamante "an evil monster" and later said she "hated her" sat silently as Bustamante who while handcuffed and shackled at her ankles made her emotional plea before Judge Joyce.

The teen’s defense attorneys who argued for a term less than life, claimed that because she was taking the antidepressant Prozac at the time of the killing, made her more prone to violence.

Bustamante’s defense attorneys also cited the teens alleged troubled childhood in their attempt to obtain a sentence less than life with the possibility of parole. Defense attorneys argued that Bustamante’s father was in prison and her mother was a drug-abuser and abandoned her, leaving the teen to be raised by her grandmother.

"This was a child who had been spiraling out of control, but has treatable conditions," Bustamante's attorney, Charlie Moreland, said after Bustamante was sentenced.

However, Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. David Rice testified that the teenager told him "she wanted to know what it felt like" to kill someone.

Cole County Prosecutor, Mark Richardson said after describing Bustamante as "truly evil" the sentence was justified because the teen "stabbed and strangled an innocent child simply for the thrill of it."

Bustamante will be headed to the womens prison in Vandalia, Missouri where she will either serve her sentence, be transferred to another Missouri prison or moved out of state.

Of course this girl deserves parole, and NO ONE demands her death or calls her "sub-human," because SHE IS WHITE and her victim was ONLY in innocent, defenseless 9-year-old, NOT that most revered of all possible demigods in this society, a white police officer!


can you please elaborate on where you are going regarding your last paragraph..especially .."SHE IS WHITE" and "a white Police Officer" Could it be those of us who believe Mumia Abu Jamal should spend the rest of his life in prison simply because he executed a "WHITE POLICE OFFICER"? If that is your comparison, I, in my opinion, feel sorry for your misguided thoughts. If not...and I ask again...please explain your last paragraph.

Jon Pisano
Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner.com for the truth.

It's as clear as black and white.

The facts speak for themselves regarding the white girl’s heinous, totally unjustified murder of an innocent, defenseless child – for which NO ONE has vilified the white girl as “sub-human” or ranted that she deserves to die, and for which her time in prison will almost certainly be LESS than 30 years. And Officer PP’s exclusive, obsessive hatred of a black man (whose conviction is questionable at best) says far more about Officer PP than about Mr. Abu-Jamal.


the FACTS speak for themselves regarding Jamal...I'll repeat this again as to the above posting...when all else fails and posters unwavering support of a proven affirmed murderer only post speculation and ,when challenged,...the race card is thrown in. Shame.

Jon Pisano
Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner.com


can you please elaborate on where you are going regarding your last paragraph..especially .."SHE IS WHITE" and "a white Police Officer"

I believe

you should ask ANNON who posted that garbage on Feb 8th. I was just posting his race card Bullschmidt due to the fact...he/she has no factual evidence but must use the race card to justify their lack of same .

Jon Pisano
Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner.com for the truth

Morally culpable

The "Free Mumia" movement is like any other conspiracy theory. Just as with "truthers" re: 9/11, "birthers" re: Pres. Obama's place of birth, Holocaust deniers, etc. they latch onto little details that ultimately prove nothing.

For example: even today, some in the "free Mumia" camp proclaim that Officer Faulkner was killed by a calliber larger than a .38, and that since Mumia had a .38, it wasn't Mumia that killed the officer. However the reality is that the autopsy never concluded that the bullet was larger than a .38. Latching onto a doctor's notes about bullet fragments, some convince themselves that the bullet couldn't have come from a .38. In fact official ballistics tests done on the fatal bullet verify that Officer Faulkner was killed by a .38 caliber bullet, not a .44 caliber bullet. The fatal .38 slug was a Federal brand Special +P bullet with a hollow base (the hollow base in a +P bullet was distinctive to Federal ammunition at that time). It is the exact type (+P with a hollow base), brand (Federal), and caliber (.38) of bullet found in Jamal’s gun. Additionally, tests have proven that the bullet that killed Officer Faulkner was fired from a weapon with the same rifling characteristics as Jamal’s .38 Caliber revolver. Further, Jamal’s own ballistics expert, George Fassnacht, conceded in his 1995 PCRA testimony that the fatal bullet was not .44 caliber, and that it was most “likely” a .38.

It sort of reminds me of Holocaust deniers who latch onto the fact that immediately following WWII, the Soviets had placed a sign at Auschwitz claiming that 4 or 5 million were killed at the camp. Later when the sign was changed to two million, the deniers claimed this as proof that the Holocaust is a hoax. Or, that the fact that the World Trade Centre buildings collapsed upon themselves on September 11th as evidence that they must have been taken down by demolition charges.

These types of conspiracy theories, however, fail to look at the preponderance of evidence; of the reality of human nature; and of the general inability of groups of individuals to keep a secret for a prolonged period of time. It's not that conspiracies don't happen; it's just that the more people are involved with them, and the more time goes by, the greater the chances that involved parties will talk.

"Mumia" admired people who were hostile towards police - such as "Move", three of who's members were convicted of killing a police officer by shooting him in the back of the head in 1978. Mumia had trouble getting along with others, which cost him his radio job and led him to drive cab. He carried a firearm in a holster, which he had on him the night of the murder. He clearly had and continues to have a sense of grandiosity about himself, seeing himself as a "revolutionary" out to change the world. Having lost his journalism and radio jobs, reduced to driving a cab at night, how he must have been yearning to give himself a sense of importance and meaning - but within the context of his narrow view of the world. As he sat in his cab in December of 1981, coincidentally, right in front of him comes his brother driving the wrong way on a one way street. An officer pulls the car over. The driver - Mumia's brother - assaults the officer and a struggle ensues. In a large city, this just happens to occur in front of Mumia. Seeing his brother in a struggle with a hated white police officer, Mumia certainly had some motive to at least interfere. He's seen by various witnesses running towards the officer - even he does not deny this. Bullets from his gun end up in Officer Faulkner's back and head. A bullet from Officer Faulkner's gun ends up in Mumia's chest. Mumia is found at the scene moments later. Mumia's brother's only statement is "I ain't got nothing to do with this!" (20 years later, he finally gave the completely unbelievable statement that he didn't see who shot Daniel Faulkner...even though he was right there.) Mumia doesn't say what happened. And with these set of facts, people want us to believe that he's innocent? Such a position is clearly unreasonable.

Even if one were to indulge the fantasies of those who claim that Mumia did not kill Officer Faulkner, Mumia and his brother would clearly know who did. Neither are saying anything - rendering them morally culpable as party to the offence at the very least.

Mumia displays all the charactaristics of a narcissistic personality disorder - if not psychopathic traits. He's used his situation from the get-go, starting with his antics at trial, to manipulate and obfuscate. There are a lot of people with the best of intentions who, like me, are against the death penalty; and aware of past and current injustices by the American justice system. It's too bad that Mumia has latched on to that sentiment to push his own lies and manipulations. There really are innocent people who have been wrongly sent to prison and to death row. Mumia isn't one of them; and the site of people wearing "Free Mumia" t-shirts is sad and nauseating.