Joint Meeting to Be Held by the Socialist Party CA & Socialist Party L.A. Local on Feb. 5

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On Saturday, February 5th, the Socialist Party of California & the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local will hold a joint meeting at 2617 South Hauser Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA.


9am - 12pm 
State Chair Stewart Alexander will conduct elections for the State Party as well as setting forth an agenda for the upcoming year. All Socialist Party members are encouraged to attend and submit their vote. 

12:30pm on 
The Los Angeles Local will hold an educational seminar for new Party members and those with an interest in joining the Party, as well as issue progress reports for the committees created at the December 2010 organizing meeting. 

We'll be taking a few big steps during this meeting: 

First, we'll establish an organizational framework for the State Party as we move into 2011. 

Secondly, we'll be making a serious effort to combat both the disinformation campaigns enacted against socialism, as well as the omission of socialist ideals, principles, and history from the U.S. educational system. A Los Angeles Local member recently brought to our attention the importance of educating the public about socialism in a way that's easily digested, and we are going to start immediately. This will be an ongoing effort. 

In addition, several of the action committees in the Los Angeles Local have made concrete steps toward achieving their goals, and the meeting will provide an opportunity for the committees to share their progress with the Local and potentially recruit new committee members. 

We sincerely hope you join us at this critical meeting. We are working hard to provide a socialist alternative to the working class in California. We cannot achieve this without your help.