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Good News and Bad

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Good News

The US is continuing to fund the UN despite a vow not to if Palestine gets partial member status.

Bad News Senator Casey joined Toomey in voting that US citizens do not have a right not to be detained without trial,

Good News Senator Rand Paul wants to join Bernie Sanders in cutting the military budget, let’s see if we can lobby Senator Casey to join them

As far as a deal goes if I was up there I would agree to raise the retirement age only if the US military budget it no higher than any other nation. Be a tone what Casey says on this matter.

Other things to keep track of,



What is happening in Congress on the peace front,

First of all off the subject but very important reformer Elizabeth Warnern was appointed to the House Banking Committee despite intense business lobbying against it, and Senate Berne Sanders is presenting a lot of insight on Social Security. Him and Rand Paul are also talking of cutting Defense Spending,


Current actions

Dec 4, Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, Justin Amash of Michigan were kicked off the Republican side of budget committee, because or in part because they want to cut military spending. The Libertarian caucus also does but they are not on the committee, Google “Tim Huelskamp & Justin Amash”. In the Senate Rand Paul the son of Ron Paul also wants military cuts,

See also,

Concerning the Correction on Elizabeth Warren,


Which is more important hot button issues now or Peace&Survival

If we aren’t willing to help those we disagree with on hot button issues stand up for cutting defense waste the US wont have a future for social issue to matter. I quote the following:

“ Libertarian star Amash suggested that a willingness to put defense cuts on the table was behind his and Huelskamp’s removal from the Budget Committee, as well as Arizona Rep. David Schweikert and North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones’ removal from the . . . ”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/12/04/purged-conservative-reps-boehner-plann...

Extremely lively comments elsewhere under the title

Lefties must defend Libertarians in this time of crisis, or Bernie Sanders might be next

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