global human rights violations by usa

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See my report supported by overwhelming evidence of the fbi/cia (etc.) efforts to attack innocent persons and others via *inhumane methodology.

For over a decade I have presented evidence that the fbi/cia and their affiliates globally are terrorists who use high technology (both IT and Bio-Chem, etc.)and low minded thugs and assassins to carry out torture, imprisonment or murder against selected Targets such as me. Today I deduce that many persons in the world have now confirmed my reports of atrocities committed by the ***Nazi-like United States War machine (led by fbi/cia/nsa,Congress,President, etc.)and that various informed individuals also document their own testimony on this vital subject of human rights violations. For example see the excerpt below followed by links to sites with corroborating evidence of these atrocities; **then ask whether or not one may support the inhumane subjugation of human kind in the manner presented herein:
"Un-skirt U.S. Government's Daily Worldwide Secret Unsuspected Satellite Mind Control Technology Attack Activities, & Its Coherency with Its Echelon Global Spy System."
"U.S citizens are selected at random for terrible secret experiments and abuses, particularly in this top classified covered-up project. Those who seriously challenge the corrupt system face secretly covert harassment and abuses, threatening always-on explicitly and implicitly.....
...U.S. space-based torture, space-based privacy breaking, space-based territory violation  unsuspected technology with satellite carriers."



Thank You.
geral sosbee


Good for a laugh

Your stupid crap is at least good for a small chuckle. If you have been imprisoned, tortured and murdered, then why the hell are you still around boring us with your bullshit? The truth of the matter is you were fired from the FBI because you are a loon, evidently incapable of coherent thought.. All a person has to do is to try to make sense out of your rambling blog to realize that you are a fucking nut.

fbi shill and imposter, upton

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