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Those advocating Mumia’s execution show a disturbing lack of concern about the undeniable problems of racism (and all documented police / DA / judicial misconduct) throughout. At the most fundamental level, the “Fry Mumia” campaign’s lack of concern is racist….The FOP is appealing to a racist lynch mob mentality that has long infected the US, so calling this a “legal lynching” is no exaggeration.

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The above posting

First, as to Hans theory of police/ Judaical/DA misconduct...NONE have been accepted as PROVEN by the MANY Judicial reviews, INCLUDING Federal Courts over the last 26 years. What does that tell you as to this case which may be the MOST reviewed case by the Judicial Courts in the History of Phila. The FOP, of which I'm a 45 year member, has NOT professed the "lynch mob" mentality as posted by Mr. Bennett. What we, as ALL law abiding peoples seek, is JUSTICE an required my an impartial Jury the convicted and AFFIRMED murderer Mumia Abu Jamal helped choose. So the other side of the coin is the above poster and his group believe it's right to release a convicted affirmed murderer under the guise of a "political prisoner" when the OVERWHELMING and Court reviewed evidence states otherwise...GUILTY of MURDERER

Justice for Daniel Faulkner
Jon Pisano

ps: hans..you can't delete my comments here that state FACTS as you do on your web site "Justice for Mumia"..my space link. What are YOU and your group afraid of...THE TRUTH?

The above post

I do apologise for the typos and inadvertent misspellings...but in my haste to post the TRUTH I did not review the post in it's entirety

my bad..jon pisano

when i call it a racist lynch mob...

...I back it up. Did you even read the interview?

I know it is strong language. I meant it to be, and you are the perfect example of someone who is not interested in the facts, but just hates Mumia and wants him dead. I know I'll never change your mindx, but just in case there is someone reading who may actually be interested in facts, here are a couple, as excerpted from this interview:

GC: What don't people ignorant to the case and Mumia, in particular, know?

HB: Most people believe the lie that the case against Mumia was "open and shut" and that he got a fair trial. Whole books have been written that challenge this assertion, but in the interest of space, I will cite a few key points that challenge the DA's case, which was essentially based on ballistics, eyewitness testimony, and an alleged "hospital confession".


Many believe that the bullet in Faulkner was matched to Mumia’s gun. They don’t know that officially police did not perform routine “smell” and “wipe” tests to see if Mumia had actually shot his legally registered .38 caliber Charter Arms revolver, the absence of which Amnesty International found “deeply troubling.” Most likely, police did perform the tests, but hid this when the results did not implicate Mumia.

Even if we accept the DA's assertions about ballistics and look past many other contradictions, at the very best, police expert Anthony Paul testified in 1982 that the bullet could only be tied to "multiples of millions" of guns, including those not made by Charter Arms.

The DA's official version of events has been thoroughly discredited. The DA asserted that (1) Mumia approached from across the street and shot Faulkner in the back (2) As Faulkner fell in response, he turned around and shot Mumia in the chest (3) Mumia then shot down at Faulkner at close range and missed 2-3 times before the fatal shot in his forehead.

In contradiction, Mumia was shot in the chest at a downward trajectory, so it would have been impossible for Faulkner have shot him from below. Much more likely, Mumia was shot on approach while slightly bent forward from running, with Faulkner standing above him on the curb. This supports the contention that Faulkner fired the first shot, almost killing Mumia.

Another important observation has recently emerged with the recently discovered crime scene photos, and is emphasized by Michael Schifffmann in the new film In Prison My Whole Life. On the sidewalk, where Faulkner was found, there are no large bullet divots, or destroyed chunks of cement, which should be visible in the pavement if the prosecution scenario was accurate, according to which Abu-Jamal shot down at Faulkner - and allegedly missed several times - while Faulkner was on his back. Schiffmann writes: "It is thus no question any more whether the scenario presented by the prosecution at Abu-Jamal's trial is true. It is clearly not, because it is physically and ballistically impossible." The validity of this observation has also been strongly supported by Philadelphia journalists Dave Lindorff and Linn Washington Jr.

I personally agree with authors J. Patrick O'Connor and Michael Schiffmann that this is the most likely scenario: Faulkner first shot Mumia, and Faulkner was then shot in response by Kenneth Freeman (Cook’s business partner and a passenger in his car) in the back, and then killed with the gunshot to his head. Freeman then ran away before police arrived. Likely murdered by police in an act of vengance, Freeman was found dead in a Northeast lot (reportedly naked, gagged, hand-cuffed, and with a drug needle in his arm) the day after the infamous May 13, 1985 police bombing of MOVE.

"Eyewitness" Testimony

Regarding the DA's two most important "witnesses" Amnesty International has documented that Cynthia White (a prostitute facing multiple charges) and Robert Chobert (an arsonist on probation, driving his cab without a license, which he had lost twice due to DWI) were extremely vulnerable to police coercion, and “altered their descriptions of what they saw, in ways that supported the prosecution's version of events.” Suspiciously, no official eyewitness reported seeing White at the scene, and White is the only “witness” to report seeing Chobert’s taxi parked behind Officer Faulkner’s police car, where he claimed to have observed the shooting!

Regarding White, in her original statement to the police she said Mumia fired “four or five shots” at Faulkner, from as far away as 10-yards. Later, she changed her statement to say that Faulkner was actually shot at close range. Both Veronica Jones (in 1996) and another ex-prostitute, Pamela Jenkins (in 1997) testified that she was blackmailed into her testimony by the police, who had the power to pursue or drop prostitution charges against her, and in January 2002, yet another witness, Yvette Williams, testified that White’s trial testimony against Mumia was the result of her fearing for her life because of threats by the police.

When Veronica Jones testified in 1982, she began to say that police "were trying to get me to say something that the other girl [Cynthia White] said. I couldn't do that.” Jones reported that police offered to let her and White “work the area if we tell them.” Calling her testimony “absolutely irrelevant,” the DA moved to block the line of questioning and strike the previous statements. Because Sabo happily complied, the jury was ordered to disregard Jones' statement regarding White and a police offer of freedom to “work the area” in return for testimony that Mumia shot Faulkner.
Regarding Chobert, he first told police that the shooter ran away 30-35 feet, but at trial he changed this to 10 feet to more closely support the undisputed fact that Mumia was found on the ground just a few feet from Faulkner. Now, the newly discovered Polakoff crime scene photos show that the space behind Faulkner's car, where Chobert claimed he was parked when he allegedly viewed the altercation, is totally empty. If he was not parked where he said he was, one must ask whether he saw anything at all.

Now, get this! At prosecutor McGill’s request, Judge Sabo blocked the jury from knowing that Chobert was on probation. Sabo justified this by ruling that it was not crimen falsi, ie. a crime of deception. Subsequently the jury never heard about this, or that Chobert was illegally driving on a suspended license. This probation violation could have given him up to 30 years in prison, so he was extremely vulnerable to pressure from the police.

The Alleged Hospital Confession

The alleged “hospital confession,” where Abu-Jamal reportedly declared, “I shot the motherfucker and I hope the motherfucker dies,” was first officially reported to police over two months later, by hospital guards Priscilla Durham and James LeGrand (Feb. 9, 1982), P.O. Gary Wakshul (Feb.11), P.O. Gary Bell (Feb.25), and P.O. Thomas M. Bray (March 1). Only 2 of these five witnesses were called by the DA: Gary Bell (Faulkner's partner and “best friend”) and Priscilla Durham.

At Mumia's trial, Gary Bell testified that the 2 month lapse resulted from him being so upset over the death of Faulkner. Priscilla Durham testified, and added for the first time, that she had reported the confession to her supervisor the next day. Neither her supervisor, nor the alleged handwritten statement were presented in court. The DA sent an officer to the hospital, returning with a suspicious typed version. Sabo accepted the unsigned paper despite both Durham’s disavowal, and the defense’s protest that authorship and authenticity were unproven.

Gary Wakshul was not a prosecution witness, and on the final day of testimony in 1982, Abu-Jamal's lawyer discovered Wakshul's statement from Dec. 9 (Abu-Jamal’s supporters cite this late discovery as one of many examples of incompetent representation--to which defense attorney Anthony Jackson testified about at the 1995 PCRA hearings). After riding with Abu-Jamal to the hospital and guarding him until his treatment, Wakshul reported: “the negro male made no comment.” When the defense immediately sought to call Wakshul as a witness, the DA reported that he was on vacation. On grounds that it was too late in the trial, Sabo denied the defense request to locate him for testimony. Subsequently, the jury never heard from Wakshul or about his written report. When an outraged Abu-Jamal protested, Sabo cruelly declared: “You and your attorney goofed.” TALK ABOUT AN UNFAIR TRIAL!

As Amnesty International concluded: “The likelihood of two police officers and a security guard forgetting or neglecting to report the confession of a suspect in the killing of another police officer for more than two months strains credulity.”