Don't Vote Cheri Honkala #321 First, Vote Her Last

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Good progressive honest candidates are running, and sticking there necks out not just Cheri Honkala.

Honkala's campaign material says vote #321 first, but Kathran Boockvar #202 a former public defender is an even more important race for Commonwealth Court. In that court decisions are made as to whether Wall Street gets things there way, When it comes to retention, I feel it is also important. Please read Jody Dodd's of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom discuss why she will vote yes on Common Pleas Judge Lisa M. Rau,
Go to http://YoungPhillyPolitics.com, and scrawl down to Why I am supporting and hope you will support Judge Lisa M Ram,
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There is a strategic reason not to vote #321 Honkala first. After one presses #321 if you press the straight Democratic or Republican button, your vote for Honkala won't count, you will vote for the business as usual sheriff instead. Unless you again press her button and turn her light on again.
When I go to vote I will push the # 2 Democratic button to save time. Then press #321 Honkala if her light doesn’t go on I will press #221 to turn the Dem. sheriff light off, and then press and light up #321
Win or loose Honkala got poor people interested in voting again, without trying to pretend to be middle class. In California the pot referendum gave democracy a shot in the arm. The ordinary California Democratic politician considered the referendum a hassle despite it enabling them to win. Republicans appreciate getting issues like gay marriage on the ballet to invigorate the base. Democrats just cry Republican conspiracy instead of joining in putting interesting (hot button) questions on the ballot. Philadelphia politics is now exciting because Honkala and poor people are back in the democracy game.
The first thing I am going to do when I vote is push the Democratic button #2 thus vote for #202 Kathy Boockvar then I am going to make sure #321 Cheri Honkala lights up, then I will go to Register of Wills and make sure Linda Bageman #120 lights up, the Democrat Ronald Donatucci is earning a DROP retirement check and his salary at the same time. This is what once popular council-person Rizzo got booted out over. If one joins me without pushing the big D button #2, then be sure to vote for #225 W. Wilson Goode Jr and #226 James Kenney both loudly and clearly opposed DROP.
Philadelphia Americans for Democratic Action supports #123 Republican Dennis O'brien for City-Council-at-large minority seat, reminiscent of the 60's and 70's when they always endorsed one or two Republicans for minority seating,
Dennis O'brien has quietly done an amazing amount to help poor people in Pennsylvania,
So I am going to reluctantly press back #222 Blondell Reynolds Brown, in-order-to be able to vote for #123 Dennis O'brien.
l will vote yes on the two questions and retentions except the judges the Philadelphia Bar carded as unqualified, James M. Deleon, James M. Lynn and Robert J. Rebstock. If you go back to the Philly ADA link you will see good words for several unknown Pennsylvania judges.
Despite this some will want to make a resounding “No” to politics as usual by just voting for Honkala #321, and I hope I got them to add #202 and #123 and yes for retention of Judge Lisa M. Rau. Again the link to Judge Rau is at the Young Philly Politics blog,
Some Democrats such as Ed Rendell like Eager Beaver Republican Al Schmidit for City Commissioner because #118 Joseph J. Duda seems to be sleeping on the job. However rich Right-Wingers such as Richard Mellon Scaife of Pittsburgh gave him huge campaign contributions making some voters fear he will purge the rolls of people who have insisted on continuing to vote in the old neighborhood where they grew up instead of where they now live, and would prefer a Republican sleeping on the job rather than look for ways to disenfranchise Democrats.
Anyway I personally can't decide on Al Schmidit.
Somehow progresive Democrats who support the stand up to Wall Street Movement, also seem to be in favor of Republican big business candidate David H Oh, there seems to me to be nothing progressive about Mr. Oh.
I wish the Democratic Party would be broad enough to hand me their material to add Honkala's name to it and also leave out the Dem Register of Wills. Because it is otherwise a good ticket, though the National Lawyers Guild material is confusing so I might have missed something,
Dems should appreciate Honkala opening up the process to the non-politicos.
Everyone vote like the future depends on it, it does.
Richard Kane


National Lawyers Guild comment on Important judge

Retention Candidates
Supreme Court
Michael Eakin
(20% strongly oppose, 80% no recommendation)
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• Real bad rep for conservative opinions