Daddy came home to find his family dead

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For a change targets in Afghanistan have names and life stories, instead of being depreciated in the US media as numbers. In the Armenian Genocide children under five were not attacked. One American in today's world saw a two-year-old as the enemy.

The media dwells on US victims of the Afghan War. Others can seem like numbers without names.
Samad Khan is a farmer who owns his farm, or maybe was a farmer now that his life was turned upsidedown. In Philadelphia we can think of harsh police officers and realize that in Afghanistan the US.and local Afghan patrols are 100 times worse. Until Sunday March 11, 2012 the people of Balandi Village Afghanistan thought as long as they quickly did what they were told, unless they seemed tohave something to hide, they were somewhat safe. Samad may or may not be shortened to Sam. My second to best friend Samuel certainly is shortened. My once elderly landlords name was Khan. Some conspirators went through a lot hoops to make sure my landlord, who I was informally taking care of, died in a hurry, that the police refuse to define as murder. In Afghanistan Khan and his eleven family members struggled though a very harsh winter and a very bad flood. Not offending the Taliban and at the same time not offending the Karzai Government forces and the Americans was something they thought they mastered until one American made such a balancing act impossible.
Rafiullah,15 years old, saw a break-in where his family was awoken then shot at. Anar in the picture in the following link gestures at the body of her grandchild,
UPDATE: Inquirer link is gone so I am substituting Yahoo,
It didn't start with holy books being incinerated but with hateful cartoons of a Muslim leader
depicted as a terrorist, that was as painful too believers, as if Christ was depicted as a child
molester. Then came urinating on the dead. Something is called the Armenian genocide even though children under five were spared. It's time to stop the race to see how low we can  go.

This article isn't a clever call for US to get out now. I want to see a year's autonomy in Kabul
with Turkish peacekeepers and the US paying a stiff rent instead of the money spent on a huge rent for the US use of a Kyrgystan airbase for US use to supply Afghanistan. A revolution happened there demanding the US troops leave but instead the US increased the rent payment. The second year in Kabul,the international woman's movement would try to pay an even higher rent. And Kabul might end up another Hong Kong. Appreciated, for business reasons, as much as Hong Kong is to China. The Chinese Government tip toes when it slowly brings Chinese mainland procedures to Hong Kong. If many people around the world pushed for compromise like many do between Israel and Palestine, panic in the end might be avoided.

By Richard Kane


I appreciated the comment from FireDogLake

My feeling is that it’s not that one tragic murder spree should lead to the end of combat operations. It’s that the murder spree was tragic, AND combat operations should end. There’s more than enough support for the contention that we have no business left in Afghanistan.


Little girl being napalmed

We had grim photos during the Vietnam War. Today with no identifiable victims it is hard to feel one is doing wrong.

Finally let's push for videos, pictures and life stories.

Hopefully what I put together is just a rough draft for others to pass around and improve along the way.

Richard Kane

Names of Afghans killed released

Al Jazeera has now documented the names of those 16 victims who were slaughtered.

Many mainstream media outlets channelled a significant amount of energy into uncovering the slightest detail about the accused soldier – now identified as Staff Sergeant Robert Bales. We even know where his wife wanted to go for vacation, or what she said on her personal blog.

But the victims became a footnote, an anonymous footnote. Just the number 16. No one bothered to ask their ages, their hobbies, their aspirations. Worst of all, no one bothered to ask their names.

Good news but not enough

The US is taking responsibility to compensate the victims,

Sadly a lot of money real fast can have bad side effects. I wish their was in the future a international agency set up to give to who would give monthly checks to the victims and their relatives, bigger checks more quickly if the wounded face large hospital bills.


I an not opposed to Robert Bales being tried for murder in the US not Afghanistan providing it's a real trial where the wounded victims would be able to come to America to testify at the trial and living relatives to sit in the courtroom.

I'm sure with a real trial the US and Afghanistan would agree to try him in Afghanistan or a third country country like Saudi Arabia.

More human detail

More human detail,



Meet Sayed Jan. He lived in a neighborhood where you had to try to make both the Americans a little happy. Let's pretend he was a Christian in the US who worked for a Muslim owned company. He kind of liked his boss and admired some of the things his company represented. Then some members of his bosses company pissed on the dead bodies of Jan's ethnic group, then Jan found some Bibles in which slogans had been written in the dumpster.

Then apparently his family ended up being grilled for information he may have withheld from his
boss. In the process of trying to get his wife to talk about information they thought Jan withheld, she was raped and a child threatened then shot.

Then one of the attackers decided to take all the blame and stayed behind, maybe deciding to finish all the witnesses off so he alone would be blamed.

If Sgt. Robert Bales then walked back to base it meant the Taliban made a calculated decision not to stop him.

I probably got some of the details wrong but at any rate it means any Afghans who works with Americans now fear their wife’s and kids killed by an American if something goes wrong. Trust is shot.

Ominously the more Americans show signs they want to leave the more it will embolden the Taliban. Temporary autonomy for Kabul with Turkish troops guarding the peace is still possible, rather than a withdrawal more hasty and messy then when the US left Vietnam.