Conneticuts Natural Gas Explosion Warns: FERC Pending Pipeline Projects in the U.S.A.

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This past weekend, five workers were killed from a natural gas facility explosion Connecticut. Natural Gas facilities such as refineries, compressor stations, powerplants, and even points where natural gas enters into factories, hotels, etc. can be very dangerous, explosive. Air pollution, Water Pollution, and Noise pollution from natural gas infrastructure also have caused toxic effects on neighboring communities. Protect your human and wild neighbours -- Prevent Natural Gas Infrastructure development in your community. Look through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) list of major proposed pipeline projects, organize your community to fight against these proposed developments -- quickly.


Senator Frank Lautenberg is speaking out against natural gas pipeline construction in New Jersey, expressing concern that the pipeline may present danger to New Jersey residents, especially considering the recent explosion at a Natural Gas facility in Connecticut.

Organize your town for a meeting to discuss issues associated with natural gas infrastructure and the risks associated with developing these infrastructures in your communities.

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Although Unfortunate and tragic

Although this weekends explosion was unfortunate and tragic(my deepest sympathy to their families), think of what you are asking. Now, imagine for a moment you get what you want. Oil and gas exploration stop, pipeline construction and infrastructure are halted, refineries closed, crude production banned. Wow saying it sounded so easy. Go park your car in a week or so, you won't need it. You can't get gas. Next, take the ships, and planes out of the equation, can't fuel them either. Better plant a garden quick, did I mention there are no more deliveries so no more markets, grocery stores, chain stores, gas stations, car dealers, pharmaceuticals oops no medicine no doctors, and remember those super viruses? No need to worry about them, you don't have any food...hmmm.
Are you getting the big picture?

P.S. Senator, don't look like you'll be getting paid in this proposed new world, you might want to start looking at career options...a farmer perhaps?

Change is necessary to promote growth. Accidents of the past create awareness for the future, mandating skill level and techniques needed to accommodate technology. Strive to ensure safest application, not quit the process.

Isn't Human Health & Welfare more important than Airplane Rides?

Response to Darlene:
If you could prevent the explosion of the World Trade Centers, would you? You probably would. Consider that Senator Lautenberg is trying to prevent the explosion of part of New Jersey, a quite populated chemical industry center of the country. It's wise to not put explosives next to your critical infrastructure or sleeping children.

Yes, airplanes, cars, buses, semi-trucks, are currently needed to sustain our modern ways of life. It is impossible right now to grow enough food and fuel in an urban area to feed and heat millions of homes, although the transition to sustainable stable economies has already begun around the world and in the U.S and is prospering.

Currently it is possible to transition our communities towards valuing human welfare and community health over blind economic growth; such a transition is occurring one step at a time as communities say "no" to dangerous infrastructure development, and say "yes" to creating true alternatives.

Senator Lautenberg is protecting the health and economic welfare of his citizens by preventing the construction of dangerous industrial infrastructure. The explosion of the World Trade Centers caused national havoc, the explosion of part of New Jersey will too.

As a society we must ask ourselves whether we value human health and welfare more than airplane rides and junk food. Its a tough choice, ain't it?