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The Meaning Of The Fourth Of July For The Negro.

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The local "Avenging the Ancestors Coalition" (ATAC) held a fourth of July ceremony, which included a crowd-pleasing dramatic public reading of the powerful 1852 speech by Frederick Douglass entitled "The Meaning Of The Fourth Of July For The Negro". This event was attended by elders to infants. The elders were ask permission to proceed after every speaker. Libation was given to respect the ancestors, give thanks, and ask for BLESSINGS for the event or those in attendance.

And what a event it was, with the American Independence Hall as backdrop. The Hall is located in the 500 block of Chestnut Street, just a few feet from the Liberty Bell pavilion, and the very house that was used by Martha and George Washington. The irony is that this first president, who fought a 6 year war to become free from the British crown, held enslaved Africans in the very home he occupied. Furthermore, he had to defy a Pennsylvania state law to do so. The Emancipation Law of 1780 barred out-of-state slaveholders from bringing slaves into the state for more than six months' time, but Washington continued to rotate them between PA and Virginia and back again on a careful timeline in order to avoid the law's intent (Read More by Linn Washington). This and other events were highlighted in July 4th event.

You will find a photo where a young man in his twenties, administered Libation to the ancestors and elders in attendance at todays emancipation proclamation for the nine Africans that were not able to celebrate true freedom on the 4th of July as they and thousands more we still in servitude.

Not far from the liberty bell and to the southwest of Independence hall (6th Walnut now called Washington square)is the old Congo square, where owners brought their human property to the square under watchful eyes of over see'ers. There is where individuals sang, chanted, pasted stories and ask questions about the where abouts of missing family members that were sold away from them. The Africans held spiritual ceremonies called libation.

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