Casino at Philadelphia Airport?

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Philadelphians may be about to enter the worst of all possible worlds. Worldwide economic problems and local conditions combining. But I see a glimmer of hope if the casino that was forced on Philadelphia, (now in a neighborhood rich people avoid) was moved to the Philadelphia Airport.

This would not be a new casino for the anti-casino people to fight. The last governor forced the casino business down Philadelphia’s throat. The new Governor, Governor Corbett, could distinguish himself cleaning up the mess, as he looks around for something cheap to show he represents all of Pennsylvania not just the Republican western and more rural parts of Pennsylvania. If the first step in the new year isn’t a fight between Philly haters and Philadelphia, it could lessen the future fights.

Republicans hate Philadelphia’s snotty attitude, hate spending what could be used for road repair on public transit. Philadelphia’s roads are overwhelmingly from the horse and buggy days. The now thriving restaurant and tourist industry would collapse, if downtown had times of gridlock, or a reputation like Camden NJ had.

People used to poverty can fare better than someone suddenly desperate. In the world at large both the dollar and euro are in danger. Suddenly less money from the Feds to the states, SugarHouse isn’t getting tax revenue from those with substantial income to spend. It’s easier to go to glamorous Atlantic City or hop off to Harrah's a little more than 10 miles away.

State Store employees might wild-cat-strike rather than accept notice that their job will end in a year. A court order to open a state store as a necessary industry won’t take. People near the state border might continue to pay their liquor and city sales tax on alcohol across state lines when the strike is over, only slowly returning to their new neighborhood private liquor stores. Unemployed state store workers part of the unemployment squeeze.

Philadelphia’s licence for a second casino fell though. There is a Gaming Board law that casinos must be 10 miles apart with the original exception that Philadelphia could have two. So a big ship docked on Packard Avenue, the last casino proposal before the second license was lost, was two close to Harrah’s. The ship would have had to lobby, for an exemption as the anti-casino lobby sabotaged the request.

But what about SugarHouse moving to the airport? It would be a step up for them, make the anti-casino folk happy to distance a lot of poor folk, (if they are on fixed income) from three weeks without food or other necessities. One article mentioned elderly gamblers at SugarHouse with their oxygen tanks trailing behind,

Theves looking around for the recently rich among the poor, because they are looking closer in the direction of the poor now tend to find more frequently convenient targets while they are looking for a big catch. Those on a fixed income might have nothing to eat for a month if they go the casino the first day of their check. To wander though the supermarket without officially buying anything really stands out. If someone very rarely steals, ends up pocketing peanut butter crackers, from a small store, they in shame might never shop at that little store again, only going to the lower employee ratio supermarket. The casino also disrupting relationships between family members as well as the community,

In a previous article I mentioned urban gardens might start emphasizing potatoes, Also, lawns and window buckets as well, since medieval farmers used to hide them in the ground for when various medieval tax-collecting armies marched through. Any thief, hungry enough to try to randomly dig a lot of dirt around, would be too hungry to wait to cook or bake them. Hippies started the back to the land movement, now conservatives took it over calling it survilalism lacing it with guns, and hoards of prepackaged plastic wrapped foods instead of renewable sprouts. Hippies started the "let’s be frugal" movement, now Sarah Palin is ruining the call for and end to earmarks.

The latest Federal Emergency plan is for people to stay put in a radiation emergency, if in a car you have a better chance of staying alive not leaving it. (Windows shut and air off of course) This link more crisp than the Pennsylvania one,
After Hurricane Katrina the people in sturdy downtown hotels wished they stayed put despite water in the lobby. California is likely to have an earthquake as the Republican House of Representatives doesn’t want to spend money.

The following survival link seems to be less jingoistic than most,
Potato gardens aren’t tempting to thieves, a lot of work finding them if you don’t know exactly where to dig. The Irish had too many before the potato blight and famine, because tax collectors couldn’t find them even re buried in the ground.

Mayor Nutter could plant potatoes in urban gardens and plant over City Hall courtyard, and the President grow potatoes on the White House lawn.

It’s time for everyone in Philadelphia to get together, SugarHouse is a done deal we can only move it, and it has to be within 10 miles of Harrah’s or else there will be lawsuits from past casino licence seekers. Now that there is only one casino license in Philly, it can be moved to a place where it wouldn’t cause a lawsuit. I like the airport rather than Packard Av. Even if I’m wrong that the license for SugarHouse would be canceled if all of Philly asks, including SugarHouse investors, but how could that possibly happen. But I could see all of Philly wanting it at the airport.

I hope I can change the subject a little, 35 years ago Philadelphia had a back-to-nature sect where the kids ran around without diapers and their urban garden was the yard only casually turned over with dirt. They were amazingly healthy and as well known around the world as the miners recently trapped in Chile. They imagined that the whole world was about to join them if they could keep the city from evicting them for long enough. Wouldn’t it be ironic if some of their dreams represented our future? With computers controlling our lives it wouldn’t be such a bad idea of seeking the original way of doing things. Or one person to try to stop being better than another like they talked against. Anyway the hippy movement not surviving or John Africa’s poor based anti-status movement not surviving as a dream gives today’s survivalist movement a heavy jingoistic racist ting at the same time more an more people are forced to look to survivalism as salvation. Bread not Bombs needs to give out sprouts to share, and potatoes to save and hide, and instructions never, never throw sproutable seeds in the trash can.

Anyway Philadelphia is divided in needless ways that doesn’t help us stand united against the Republican onslaught.

The US empire is at the end of its reign, Obama is doing a wonderful job preventing things from falling apart, or riots that accomplish nothing like in Europe, while getting everyone mad it him for promising to make things better, with the wrong people in charge of the “let’s be frugal” movement. More on Obama making more change then would any main stream politician, (with the possible exception of Al Gore who likes to talk about doom and glume and individual projects full of hope,)

Anyway a casino at the airport would give us a little breathing space as we prepare for new ways of dealing with the future.

Richard Kane


My problem with this idea

is that in order for a casino to be truly beyond the all-too-easy reach of problem gamblers, it needs to be located in at least Coatesville, Pottstown or Quakertown, i.e., at least 50 miles away. Any less is simply an invitation to problem gamblers to stop off right after work and blow their paychecks that their families need to make it through the month. Any less than 50 miles and the casino becomes a magnet for crime as criminals will target people who have a few too many drinks while gambling too late at night.
Connecticut has two casinos owned by the same company. I've been to one of them and cheerfully lost a lot of money there. Very importantly, that one is a considerable distance from any population centers. The other is right smack in the middle of a populated area and has caused all sorts of social and crime problems.
No, locating a casino at the airport is a terrible idea.

I think you mean in a permanently anchored ship 50miles off shor

Any casino will grab paychecks and monthly checks unless it is permanently at sea.

Or only gambles at sea. Though those would pay checks might pay on Saturday's for a 50$ boat excursion one drink and meal included to throw away the rest of their paycheck, but they would have to wait to Saturday to do it.



Neither I nor Casino-Free Philly are opposed to gambling per se, we just don't want it too close to population centers. It might be okay to have one as close as Doylestown or or somesuch.