Breaking: Mumia out of Solitary

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Mumia Abu Jamal is out of Solitary and into General prison population...though he should not be in prison in the first place.

From Judy Ritter, one of Mumia's attys:
For immediate release

I have just confirmed that Mumia is now in general population at SCI Mahonoy. This is a very important moment for him, his family and all of his supporters. We are all grateful for the roles played by so many in getting him off death row after so very long.

                             Judy Ritter, for the legal team.

The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class shall represent and repress them in parliament.
Lenin, State and Revolution (1917)



Mumia Abu Jamal

As of 1/27/12, Mumia Abu-Jamal has officially been transferred to General Prison Population after being held in Administrative Custody ("The Hole" or Solitary Confinement) at SCI Mahanoy, Frackville, PA for seven weeks. This is the first time Mumia has been in General Population since his arrest in 1981.

This comes within hours of the of delivery of over 5,500 signed petitions to Department of Corrections headquarters in Camp Hill, PA and a compliant filed with the support of United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez.

PLEASE NOTE that while this is a victory in transferring Mumia out of the torturous Restricted Housing Unit (RHU), we call upon the closure of ALL restricted housing units. Furthermore, we call upon the IMMEDIATE RELEASE of Mumia Abu-Jamal and are not disillusioned by this transfer.

Write to Mumia to send him some love!

Mumia Abu-Jamal
SCI Mahanoy
301 Morea Road
Frackville, PA 17932



Judy Ritter...WHY should Mumia Abu Jamal NOT be in prison for the proven killer and affirmed murder of a human being when ALL of the reviewing Courts, both State and Federal have AFFIRMED his guilt and conviction. PLEASE tell us WHY this proven and affirmed murderer should be released?

Jon Pisano
Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner.com

Abu Jamal & Why He Shouldn't Be in Prison

The Fraternal Order of Police and their allies recommend the courts warmly when they confirm Abu-Jamal's guilt, and rail against them in the most indecent terms when they reject to put him to death. So their reference to the courts is purely political.

All federal courts since 2001 confirmed that Abu-Jamal should not be put to death because the death sentence against him was unconstitutional. What about that?

In most countries, Abu-Jamal would now, after 30 years, be out of prison, even if considered guilty. And this is entirely right if one doesn't subscribe to the moral code of the Taliban.

In Abu-Jamal's case, there is yet another reason, namely, that he is innocent and did not shoot the man killing whom he was convicted for.

But there is no use discussing this with the liar and fraud "Jon Pisano" or whatever his real name is, one of the spiteful and hate-filled blogging addicts who post all over the place and never respond to any real argument.

Amnesty International's 2000 report on Abu-Jamal, J. Patrick O'Connor's 2008 book on the case (both of which contain are based on the trial transcripts and contain excellent analyses of them), Philadelphian author Dave Linndorff's book, Philadelphian journalist Linn Washington's reporting since 1981, and much more, these are the sources that will inform and make wiser anyone interested in the case.

Forget guys like "Jon Pisano" or "Joe Peppers" or whatever who claim to "have been there" or " a colleague of the investigating officers," but don't know their ass from third base when it comes to the decisive facts in the Abu-Jamal case.


while I try to digest your misguided postings. I believe the Courts did not rule Jamals death sentence was "unconstitutional" I believe the Judge stated the Jury may have been confused as to the jury instructions therefor he ordered a new sentencing hearing. At no time did he or ANY Judge, State or Federal rule that Jamal was innocent or any of Jamal's many attorneys show any VALID proven evidence that Jamal did not kill Officer Faulkner. You and your book selling partners $$$ are on the losing end in support of this proven and affirmed killer, Mumia Abu Jamal...who will die in prison...and rightfully so.. Have fun at the Octoberfest and have a beer on me.

Jon Pisano
Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner
Daniel Faulkner.com for the truth.