THE AGE OF MADNESS & A Critical Review of fbi/cia Operations

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This report represents a summary of my reflections & analysis on fbi/cia/police/societal egregious agendas.

As I reflect on the past two decades of vicious assaults on me by agents and operatives of the fbi and the cia, I sometimes in my quiet moments seek to comprehend the cause or genesis of the evil that characterizes many of the horrid events that I describe in "My Story In Detail" and related data and links at
This report is a summary of some of my conclusions regarding the decadent public policy rationale that supports atrocities by government, including the imprisonment, torture (physical and psychological) and killing of human beings for no justifiable cause. I hope that an enlightened populace may someday look inward and demand to know how many deaths and how much needless sufferings have been caused through episodes (such as those I describe in my reports) of government barbarity, gross insensitvity and macabre methodology; in the understanding of the injustices perhaps we can end them.
As most persons have no insight into the criminal minds and operations of government intelligence agents, little opportunity exists to address their crimes against humanity. Similarly, police authorities assist the intelligence services in the coverup of many felonies committed by the agencies and by the police themselves. Whistleblowers and others who try to expose egregious government crimes are outnumbered, out gunned, and portrayed as outlaws or madmen by the government predators who are trying to harm them.
For the average citizen, furthermore, society in generally is unresponsive to pleas for guidance from those persons who are , at the hands of government predators and perpetrators, needlessly suffering and dying. The same systemic treachery that often greets the whistleblower is waiting to ensnare the average citizen in crisis, as I pointed out to the court in my Writ at 534US894.
The common thread of public malice and inhumanity towards the object of government predatory agendas runs throughout many social institutions today; such widespread animosity is now mainstream and serves as a kind of mind programming for the general population who very often plays an integral role in the planned and orchestrated assaults on the Targets who are sometimes labeled as madmen.
As we are born into a complex world that changes from moment to moment in terms of advances in technology, scince, law, and contemporary standards for human conduct. No single individual can keep abreast of all the strictures (or expectations) that are brought to bear on our modern lives; even though we may think that we are experts in our own culture, we are not. Medical doctors do not know all the answers associated with causes for illnesses and diseases; lawyers often have no fast clue to finding remedies for legal issues that evolve from fast changing social mores; engineers and scientists must forever adjust design and focus of their work to deal with ever changing technologies, new discoveries and emerging societal forces and human needs.
The average individual human being and layman may at times find himself adrift in an unfamiliar sea filled with incalculable dangers. We have discovered that we cannot always cope with the stresses that we encounter on a daily basis. Returning war vets, or otherwise traumatized persons sometimes seek advice , treatment and comfort to ease medical conditions or psychological pressures. When no effective assistance is available, some of our fellow citizens may suffer, collapse and die, even while we watch on some popular cop or quasi news shows. In extreme cases the confused or disoriented citizen is imprisoned, tortured, forced into suicide, or shot dead by the very same government agents who pretend to defend our liberties.
This is an important point because no one among us is immune from neurosis when tragedy strikes. We should therefore reconsider our societal relationship with those we condemn (to prison or death), lest we involuntarily someday join their numbers. Actions against a citizen by government agents and their citizen action committees often provoke the Target into wild conduct; such intentional assaults are intended to cause the Target to respond violently so that he may be arrested or killed.
We see examples of this on our streets almost daily; and I have presented numerous instances of such intentional provocations in many of my reports. Further, no attention is focued on psychological operations against a targeted person even though a growing number of persons worldwide now testify that they are targeted by ruthless and painful campaigns. No law exists that may stop the type of violent activities in which the fbi and the cia engage regularly against their Targets, foreign and domestic. Even civil court judges routinely ignore the criminal actions of police and fbi against the accused. Thus the person portrayed as a madman on some TV shows is in reality a product of a corrupt public policy standard that authorizes the torture, imprisonment and killing of a given Target. One plausible explanation for the apparent lunacy of government officials and their civilian supporters and followers is offered by Thomas Szasz, M.D. in his book THE AGE OF MADNESS, Jason Aronson, New York, 1974, Library of Congress Catalogue Number 74-8401.
As I read his comments and analogies, I recall the hostilities against me (continuing to date for about twenty years) by the fbi; I believe that the most dangerous and destructive human beings in society are the members of the fbi, cia, police and their operatives throughout society who provoke, threaten, torture, malign, poison,libel, slander and attempt to kill (or to drive insane) the objects of their misguided misanthropy. Society in a sense has become its own worst enemy; those otherwise innocent citizens (including doctors, lawyers and laymen) so engaged against their fellow citizen are accomplices to murder (or felonious assault) by aiding the murderers of the agencies of government we all rely upon. In this way we have become a nation of assassins.
Below is the explanation by Szasz which I find most compelling in the context of my review of the atrocities committed against me and others by the fbi and cia thugs. Italics are mine as are all brackets and contents therein:
As "…in the Age of Faith political power was the monopoly of Church and State, so in the Age Of Reason, it is the monopoly of Science [,Law] and State. The former celebrated its values by constructing cathedrals and religious shrines…, while the latter does so by constructing hospitals… insane asylums [ and prisons] and by forcibly treating madmen [and accused criminals].
In the Age of faith, men confirmed the existence and glory of God by creating witches who worshipped the devil, and confirmed the power of God by multiplying the number and magnifying te dangerousness of witches; in the Age of Reason, men confirm the existence and glory of Reason by creating madmen who worship unreason, and confirm the power of Reason by multiplying the number and magnifying the dangerousness of madmen [criminals]." Men "…regarded themselves as most faithful when they were surrounded by heretics; and that they regarded themselves as most reasonable when surrounded by madmen [criminals].
Today we have tens of millions of persons imprisoned (or under threat of imprisonment) worldwide by men who regard themselves as ‘most reasonable’; the more people that they imprison, the more they fancy themselves as ‘most reasonable’. This is why, as Szasz writes, the Age of Faith was teeming with heretics; why the Age of Reason is teeming with madmen [criminals] and why I [Szasz] rename
The Age of Reason, in honor of its victims.


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upton is a fraud and an fbi perpetrator.

The cowards of fbi/cia direct our brave Young into useless battles & unjust wars.

The cia directs our young, brave men and women into useless battles and unjust wars, while the fbi threatens, arrests, imprisons, tortures and kills the soldier/citizen (whether decorated or fatigued) upon return home. Thus, no wonder *West Point and other military academies frequent my reports in search of an answer to this question, "Who will follow us into the next battle"?










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support for geral

Hi Geral . I don't know if you still follow this post. I do feel you . WTF is going on . Me too was / am a victim of this kind of operation and i am so astonished on what is going on . I worked with a French company in Africa and i had some contractual legal lawsuit in 2009 . As i was going to file a lawsuit suddenly i was bombarded by an operation of kidnapping death threats and you name it psychological warfare was started on me my family my friends my girl friend whom i was dating then and suddenly before i know it i was being labeled as a crazy person and they ended up forcing me into a mental institute and getting drugged on . At first i was like what is going on and getting pissed and trying to talk to everyone as they were threatening to poison me and giving me death threats finally i woke up and understood OK this are lost cases i don't have to fight it i became so smarter and tried to go along with them and then stopped discussing with the people that i know and it seems it couldn't work on me . They watch me 24 /7 and they have targeted messaging campaigns . Anyways as you know its a long story and compiling it is very difficult . i am planning to sue the God damn corporation who brought all this on me in the near future and i am trying to gather as much information as i can over the internet and there are a lot of victims of such operation . May be one day i plan to take it to the media outlets and get to the bottom of it . Until then know that you are not alone and there are a few more victims like you and we got your back bro . Yea the guy posting the comments above is a typical behavior and i share your views . I know its so difficult but hold on bro we will get to the bottom of it .I saw your post today and i couldn't sleep without offering you support and telling you you are not alone . I will keep in touch .