28 Day Prison and Death Fast movement

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Please feel free to check out the footage in preparation of this 28 Day
Prison and Death Fast movement.

DAY 1 Inside the Jail Cell (28 Days Prison and Death Fast)


M.I.C. Ta’Bon, published author/community activist and creator of the
historical landmark known as “The Wall,” has locked himself inside of a
jail cell outside of the “Rest In Peace Wall” (located at 1924 Hunting
Park Ave., Nicetown section) since February 1st, and he will not be
released until February 28th, 24 hours, 7 days a week. During the coldest
month of the year, Michael is going to lead by example in efforts to show
others not to look for the easy way out and embrace the struggles of life.
Instead of our children and young adults going to prison to find out for
themselves, he is bringing the prison to them, showing and telling them why
they do not want to do anything out of desperation, impatience, or out of
poor decision making that will inevitably lead them to jail or death
prematurely. Individuals, families, schools, rehab centers, halfway houses,
juvenile facilities and the like, have been coming to the wall as visitors
to his cell and are speaking with him about the realities, tragedies and
horrors of prison and death in a one-on-one and/or group setting as he is
also speaking about this Prison and Death Prevention Movement for the
uplifting of our communities and youth. He has taken the stage and breaks
down in detail why crime does not pay in the long run.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an
interview with Michael Ta’Bon (OG-Law), please contact Gwen S. Ta’Bon
at 215-313-0635 or e-mail Gwen at glawmovement@yahoo.com. For an immediate
response, you can contact Brandon T. Jones in the G-Law/From Can’t 2 Can
office (P.O. Box 12414) at 267-202-5213.

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