“United We'll Win”

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As Africans and other oppressed people resist around the world, the Black Community Convention addresses the question of Economic Development for the African masses. Watch Live!


On Saturday, August 6 and Sunday, August 7, from 9:00am-6:00pm, people who care about the situation facing African people in St. Petersburg will come together for a Black Community Convention to create our own program and agenda to meet our community’s needs.

We all know there are no jobs in our community, no money, no affordable housing and no available healthcare!

Black people are being forced out of our homes by high rents and foreclosures. Boarded up houses are everywhere, while many of us are forced to double up with our relatives.

Our children are being tracked into “slow learning disability” classes and treated like criminals in the Pinellas and Hillsborough County schools, where only 21 percent of black males graduate.

The police terrorize our communities like an occupying army, profiling and arresting our young people for no reason.

We deserve better.

We are a hard-working community that deserves a good life and future for our children! The government won’t do it for us! The bosses won’t do it for us!

We have to do it for ourselves! Come to the Black Community Convention and be inspired by visionary speakers and dynamic cultural performances, including:

Omali Yeshitela – born in St. Pete, Chairman Omali has traveled the world organizing African people to take the power into our own hands.

Wengay Newton – St. Petersburg City Councilman responsible for representing the interests of District 7 on the south side.

Dr. Aisha Fields – physicist and leader of development and survival programs in African communities in the U.S. and Africa, like rainwater harvesting, community gardens, health clinics and fisheries.

Diop Olugbala – popular Uhuru Movement President who called out Barack Obama to start addressing the needs of the African community at Gibbs High School during his campaign rally.

The Black Community Convention will be a place for us to engage in a collective planning process to tackle the growing economic crisis that is hitting our community so hard.

Working together we can create:

· Community gardens to feed our families and a neighborhood marketplace to sell and exchange our goods so that the money can circulate amongst ourselves.

· Ownership and control of our own schools, so that our children are treated with love and respect, where we define a meaningful curriculum in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

· A commercial community kitchen to use for building black-owned food production and catering businesses.

· A recording studio to provide an outlet and income for the tremendous talent and creativity in our community, especially among the youth.

· Our own media that tells the truth about our lives and aspirations, including print and internet publishing, radio, TV.

The Black Community Convention will provide a forum for discussion and information sharing on how we can stand up for our basic human and democratic rights, addressing such issues as:

· Making your vote count by challenging the present election process here in St. Petersburg.

· Knowing your Rights! What to do when the police stop you.

· Defending our children in the public schools, where they are tracked into low performance classes, treated like criminals and pushed out.

· Dealing with horizontal (“black on black”) violence.

We will come out of the Black Community Convention with a plan for block-by-block organizing of our neighborhoods that can empower us to have a real say in what goes on in St. Petersburg.

We will be able to demand an investigation into the Lacy killing and illegal house destruction issue, call for the resignation and investigation of Chief Harmon and Mayor Foster for their roles in the Lacy murder, and demand the rehiring of Goliath Davis – during whose 8 years as chief of police we suffered not a single black death at the hands of police.

We can organize the defense of Nicholas Lindsay and for direct community control of the police.
The system is in crisis. Our time is now. Don’t miss this chance to have a say in the future of our community and for our children. Make your voice heard.

Come to the Black Community Convention, August 6 and 7! For more information, call 727-821-6620.Black Community Convention Program

“United We'll Win”

August 6-7, 2011

Check out the Program here.

Watch Live Below!